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  1. boomtime

  2. Cryx Part 14

    Another update, such a hot day but i managed to get some painting done, finished the nmm on the back vents and torso, did the bulk of the dark armour plates above the head and on the shoulders, next step is a very time consuming part where lots of gold nmm all over the armour and then move onto the arms. Anyway enjoy and sorry about the poor picture quality, poor lighting in my room. Total Time: (45 hours)
  3. New Blog and Returning to Coolmini!

    Been quite a while since I've last been active with the community, but since life in general is finally starting to get a routine (and that I found a new gaming group from work-mates), I hope to get back into painting, gaming, and generally being a weirdo again.I have a decent camera (finally), so I also hope to post some pictures of new stuff as I get it done.More to come, hopefully! 
  4. Cryx Part 13

    Ok so i've been busy painting more today, finishing the other leg and started work on part of the torso, i need to do some more gold nmm on the back and front of the torso and then i'll start work on the arms. So far so good, im happy with the result thus far but im trying so much not to rush or do the lazy way of blending/painting. I'd also like to try painting some faded runes into the larger armour plates of this little beastie but im not sure whether to use the colours im already using or a ...
  5. Grumlok and Gazbag, some close ups

    Kids again messed up settings in my camera but I will prevail in the end
    Meanwhile I added some closeups of this Grumlok&Gazbag mini I am painting now.  
  6. Cryx Part 12

    A quick update i've done one leg of the slayer and the metal hydraulics under the torso area of the slayer, sorry i paint so slowly but i hope i can do more soon. Its been so hot here the paint is drying too quickly too and its not too comfy to sit here for so long in this weather. oh well im hoping for a freak snow storm or something. Anyway enjoy the update.

    Total Time: (36 hours)
  7. Khador 01

    Well been busy glueing and cleaning up my khador boxed set. Omg they are the worse mold of any models i've ever had, spent a good 20 hours in total putting together the khador boxed set and preparing the bases and green stuffing everything together. Im glad i've finally gotten them done here's a quick sneak peek at them, but they're only primed.

    Note behind them i also have a devastator but i figured i'd paint that without the arms on so i can get into the deeper areas, but ...
  8. Cryx Part 11

    For the Cryx i finally finished off Denny but im not happy with the blades on the back of her so i will go back to her another time to make her look a bit smoother. I decided to give her a golden spear too because she was really grey and i wanted to break up the colour.
    I have started doing the bases on the warjacks for the Cryx. Trying to keep the industrial feel for the bases but then i thought i really want to paint a heavy warjack so i started working on the gold nmm on the slayer and im ...
  9. ROLEAGE game New Miniatures

    This last week of july arrives with a lot of news and surprises. As we have been advising for the last couple of weeks, TALE of WAR will start to promote and release miniatures for the new Spanish role game ROLEAGE This game has a lot of new and fresh ideas, histories and background to play with. Our first bunch of 4 releases of this surprising and enjoyable game are suitable for the world of Geos, where this role game is being developed. As well, all those products have their ...
  10. Grumlok and Gazbag - Age of Reckoning WIP (update)

    It is going somewhere. I am not completely satisfied with a number of elements here so I think I will set it aside to ripe for a bit.

    And here is finally completed model



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