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  1. Cryx Bases Part 02

    Ok after mixing up too much green stuff to strengthen the rota blades on my dwarven gyrocopter i wanted to do some constructive with the large mound which was left over. So i decided to add more detail to the bases for the Cryx models.  Looking around at other models, i added some extra plates and rivets to the models, and on one i added a small piece of piping. Im very happy with the look of the plates and rivets, but trying to get them a consistent size is quite difficult but i after working ...
  2. the quick and the dead

    Been out in the woods for a few days so not much painting, but I finished this one after work today

    This little fella looks like a quick draw:

  3. WIP - No muerto (TERMINADO)

    Bueno, pues ya he terminado mi primer 54mm. Satisfecho aunque no del todo ya que se me ha ido bastante la mano con la sangre y los toques de la tunica no me convencen, pero weno.... a otra cosa mariposa y aseguir mejorando y aprendiendo de los errores jejejej.Dejo la foto en el album. 
  4. Cryx - A New Beginning

    Ok so i've been trying to finish my armies quickly so that i can start on more display type pieces and really test and learn some uber painting skills. So to try something out i've always been interested in, is Warmachine by Privateerpress. The models are awesome, the fluff is superb and simply on par with the warhammer (fantasy and 40k) fluff, the game system is quick simple to learn and alot more tactics are involved than in the GW systems. So i starting with the bases i wanted to do something ...
  5. Update - Hordes Building

    Ok so i haven't posted anything new in a while only due to sheer idle and laziness. But i have been busy when it comes to painting, i decided i was getting quite bored with rank and file models especially the goblin spider riders, they were looking at me with those evil gobbo eyes begging me to paint them or die a horrible death through sharp pointy stabby stick.

    So i finished off the squig herd unit of 30 models (or 2 x 15 models). Overall im very happy with each individual model and ...
  6. HIgh Elf "Dragon" Mage

    Finally, my camera is back and I can make decent pictures. Without spending to much time High-Elf Mage teaching a small fire Drake to fly . Comments are very much appreciated   
  7. Dead Men Don't Reload

  8. Undead Pirates Seeking Adventure and New Seas to Plunder

    These guys are up for sale on ebay.

    Next batch will be gunners and characters; stay tuned, or get in touch if you or yours might be interested.

  9. I have a blog?

    Well it seems i have had this little blog for at least about 3-4 months, i don't know; im not a, aaahhhhh.......................................... blog scientist (blog scientist? good i just outtarded myself)!And with that, this lazy hobbyist will get off his fat arse and do............uhm.........stuff.and just so you can get the jist of my work.................annddd since i can't seem to get my pictures on this blog i'll just link them (please don't shoot me with lvl 70 purple guns ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Rome's Enemies Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

    still finisihing up the bases.
    Left to Right: German, Pict, Celt, Gaul, Celt, Celt. (all foundry)

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