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  1. Salamander Dreadnaught

    A couple of pics of the WIP.
    This one is one that I'm fairly happy with. If I find a good way of fixing the flames that is.
    I wish I had a twin linked heavy flamer for him.


    I plan on donning him a cloak of salamander skin, dragon skin to represent added armour.
  2. Salamander HQ squad

    This is probably the toughest bunch to paint in any army.
    With all those details I find myself wishing for some decent paints. I use Tamya and deco paints but especially the whites and yellows are a royal pain.
    My first attempt at a banner failed because I used the wrong black, it had a hard time drying and so it got smudged. Also, the white really isn't white at all. I do like the background colour though.

    I had the most trouble with my champion. I started out giving ...
  3. Painting the Salamander Scouts

    Here's a step by step of my scout squad.
    Sort of.
    After priming them, adding base color and some highlights it's time for some details.

    Next, I've assembled them.

    I forgot about the dark skin and red eyes of the salamanders so I had to redo them. After that I set them on their base.

    I tried painting the salamander logo freehand but failed miserably.
    The cloaks worked out fine though.
  4. 3rd company Army List

    So, here's the army list for the Salamanders.
    I used 5th edition for the list.
    First of all we have the HQ.
    They are led by a Captain with a stormbolter and a power fist.
    The Command Squad consists of a Champion with power sword & combat shield
    An Apothecary.
    3 Veterans 1 standard bearer with a combi melta gun.
    1 Flamer
    1 Vet with Power Fist & Plasma Pistol.
    Total Cost: 128 for the captain. 200 for the squad.
    Then a Predator ...
  5. Project Salamanders Megaforce

    A couple of years ago I bought a Space Marine Megaforce.
    Now I have finally started painting them.
    At the moment I still have LOTS of work. Mainly details, inkwashes, highlights and some SERIOUS cleaning up.
    Here are some pics of the WIP:
    I'll get in more detail soon.
    Feel free to leave a comment.
    A look at the scouts cloaks:

    A couple of scouts in front view:

    The Predator:

    Dreadnought WIP:

    The Commander ...
  6. Long Island Historical Miniature Collectors Society-model sodlier show 2010

    Long Island Historical Miniature Collectors Society-model sodlier show 2010 - Novemer 20th, 2010
    Since it is about 30 minutes drive from my house it will be criminal not to attend. Need to figure out what to bring this year
  7. NYC Demon in the City - aftermath

    From a judge perspective....
    I participated in multiple painting competitions both on local “state” and national levels but always on a competing side of things. This year was the first time I was actually judging a competition like this. First thing first. Demon in the city is a local New York City competition held by NYC GW store. While we try to advertise the event as wide as we can and encourage outside participation most (probably all) painters represented are from NYC. The ...
  8. Warstore Weekend at the Crowne Plaza, NJ

    Matt, Mike and myself were invited to attend the Warstore Weekend in NJ this weekend. I have taken shots of several events and activites at the show. a lot of familiar faces and new faces have stopped by the booth.
  9. Eolith - Demonette

    I painted this as a gift for a friend, but i also wanted to limit the palette i use and make an interesting contrast in the colours used. This is also one of the few models where i've not been lazy with the base and actually made a big effort into the final effects. Im pretty proud of it and the gift was a success so win win all around for me.

  10. Pedro Kantor

    Well as my first commission piece i painted this for some i admire very much and i tried my best to give a good quality paintjob on this model. I was given pretty much free reign on how i approached this model as long as it was in my own personalised style, so approaching the model with NMM and giving it a shiny glossy feel with standard matt paints was really fun especially the blue armour. Anyway here are the results of about 10 days painting after work.

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