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  1. Ultra Marine captain

  2. Finally! Done!

    I've finally finished this wee geezer. It took me near forever though! I got stuck on the NMM, the staff head, and I've probably spent 3 times as much on that small part than all of the other parts of the mini put together, no kidding. Hours upon hours... But once I got happy with it I'd worked out a method that suits me and gives me a result I'm sort of happy with. Still lots of progress to be made and learning to be done, but atleast the train is rolling!Feel free to vote ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. My Bretonnia Battalion (Commenting now available)

    Here is my Bretonnia batallion. I bought it the summer of 2005 with the goal of not playing with it until I felt the painting was complete. And now its almost 2010 and im close to the goal, I only have two pegasus knights left but having some difficulties this close to the finnish with finding a motivation for completing them. I feel I rather have one general on a pegasus than 3 Pegasus knights in a army below 1000 pts.

    Its kinda lame that even thou this have taking a huge amount ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Mega Deff Dread ver.2 painting Part2.

  5. Tree of Gondor

    is real. Spotted in Washington DC  and so is Shelob... also found nearby    
  6. Mega Deff Dread ver.2 painting beginning

  7. Mega Deff Dread prototype 1$-

    Mega Deff Dread prototype sell it in eBay.1$ start!
    handling cost: 0$
    Shipping cost: actual expenses Shortly!
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. Ork Looted Tank

    Champion of GWJP2009grand paint contest Freestyle category.G W H Pm o r e 
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Erster Eintrag

  10. Some logo/banner designs.

    From time to time I do various computer assisted designs an collages. Nothing too professional but occasionally it comes out pretty dissent. Here is a logo that I concocted for a certain gaming club, that could be easily converted to a banner. In fact I am working on a renegade version of this. This was done in Corel Draw and exists in a variety of vector formats, if anybody is interested -yell, I see what I can do  

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