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  1. And now we have paragraphs! WTF?

    Posted my last entry to see that it is in paragraph format! WTF? Went back and edited older posts into paragraphs so as not to be accused of damaging the eyes of anyone who happens to read my drivel!
  2. Andrea Black Paint set

    A little while back, I started trying to (unsuccesfully) paint black. Thread found here:

    As Dragonsreach was kind enough to point out, I was following a technique for larger scale minis that did not translate well to 28mm. So based off the recommendations of a few forum members and youtube reviews, I ordered the Andrea Black paint set from The Michigan Toy Soldier Company: ...
  3. TOPC MINI - Commission stream.

    Quote Originally Posted by TOPC Gallery View Post
    Just finished this prototype for 2 huge blood angles armies I will be painting.
    Wanted a smooth and atmospheric look that i could achieve with no hassle in just a couple steps.
    I was going for simple here as I will be hammering up to 20 of these a day.
    Also this was the first test for my new photo booth

    looking forward to the full army
    comments and criticism welcome

    Name:  jafaee.jpg
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    LINK -
  4. The start of a new force - Grey Knights

    Well i painted up my first mini of my grey knights, and as the poster boy for the army i chose a halberd wielding terminator.

    Using a guide from Garfy on Tale of many painters Blog i ended up with this:

    Quite liking the blue note to the armour, but i have seen another way of doing the armour that has a more grey look.

    Will update once i have completed the other great task, my space wolves
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  5. Back in the saddle!

    Well its been...erm...a while since i posted here.

    TBH i had forgotten about it as life got in the way and i went througha bit of a bad time.

    All is well now, and i have got back into the swing of things, i hope to be more active here and start doing some progress for my build up to entering my first golden demon at this years UKGD.

    I will try and teach myself to use the blog a bit more and try to update regularly.
  6. Fellblade "Dominator"

    My version of BA Fellblade. Lighted (9V battery), antenas are magnetized and sponsons are posible to remove. More photos on

  7. Death Guard Rhinos

    Work in progress for a regular client .i will have some snow in the crevices and tracks by the end which I am looking forward to doing Enjoy !All C&C welcome.I do take commissions LINK - AndrewsTOPC MINIzacandrews@topcgallery.com
  8. Blogs. Why no paragraphs?

    A few minutes ago, I posted my first ever Blog. I typed out my thoughts in lovely paragraph format only to have the post crunched together into one large paragraph. Did I violate some sort of Blog rules by using proper writing format? Is the Blog the death of the written language as we know it, or is it one of the signs of the Mayan Apocalypse?

    Updated 05-01-2012 at 12:32 PM by Bloodhowl

  9. My First Experience With Citadel Finecast

    I learned recently that a large tax refund, high-speed internet access and copious amounts of alcohol, may not be the best of combinations. I awoke the next morning after combining the three to find that in addtion to a few other items, I had ordered not one, but three finecast miniatures from Games Workshop. Fortunately, the models fit into the Tomb Kings army I have been collecting over the past several years. I had ordered the High Liche Priest, Prince Apophas, and the Necrotect. She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed ...

    Updated 05-02-2012 at 12:59 PM by Bloodhowl

  10. First Post!

    Just getting started here, but I have my own blog that I update sporadically (trying to make it more consistent) at Hope to hear from everyone!

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