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  1. the new flesh

    Finally got my order in from Litko- 200 bases for about 22$. Not bad. I don't think I'd put nice character pieces on them, since the rounds aren't round, but show the segemented cuts, but for massed troops, square and round are find, and a good price. I'd been waiting for the delivery to base up these zombies, which are bound for a demo game @ Salute. Any color suggestions for the bugged out zombie eyes?

  2. Chaos death puppies

    Nothing fancy, but they're done I think. I might go back and blend the skin a bit if I have time at the end of the project, but the priority is getting the next 54 models finished :-)
  3. The Chaos horde swells

    Lots of pics, more construction than painting though. More recent shots are at the bottom, but I'll say right now that I have built a bunch of movement trays, primed most of the regiments, and painted the Warhounds since I've last taken photos. I'm mainly showing off the conversions so far :-)The Sorceror Lord, complete with all his magnetized optional equipment.The Knights, after being liberated from many of the unnecessary spikes and horns covering the models.The Chosen were definitely a ton of ...
  4. at least somebody looked at my pics

    Hmmm. Maybe I should have been a little more explicit in my photo captions. But, I actually have had a couple of comments on them. Yes, I know the pics are crappy. They were most likely taken after a long night at Trafalgar's Club in Athens (throwing darts and drinking free kamikazes). And, yes, I am fully aware that "Spot the dragon" is shown unpainted. I apologise for his nekkidness on a minis-painting forum. He was in the batch, and got loaded up with the rest of them. If you could ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Forge world Avatar - poor Yorick pattern :)

         Over Christmas I finally found some time to ties everything together assemble and paint what needs to be painted. The only thing left is the loincloth and, I think, I have pretty good idea what I want to do with it. I tried several things on this model that I’ve never attempted before, including some sculpting that is more complicated then filling joints - Look at his helmet, for examples, and the dead CSM – too bad GW now came out with space marine casualties ...
  6. Landscape First Aid

    One of our hills got left near a radiator and the foam warped pretty badly underneath. What is a terraformer to do? Cut it back, and make a section of cliffs for rough going / impassible terrain.

  7. FS: Warmaster Undead starter army.

    Sorting through my collection I found this Warmaster army I never finished, and don't need. Primed, and just started the bones on a few pieces. $10 .

  8. The Chaos Divide 12

    Well another update, since i wanted to work more on my beserkers so that i could mix up what im working on. I started work on the leader of the squad and since i wanted each squad leader to be easily identifiable i used an old chaos lieutenant model which i had, changed the head and the gun. Im happy with both the NMM and the reds, i wanted to keep the cloak nice and dark so not to upset the balance of colours on the model but it was kind of boring so i painted a bit of freehand on the back to improve ...
  9. "By our deeds we are known" -28th G.I.R.

    MadPonies Charity Auction:

    28th Gloucester Regiment Officer - 1916
    28th Gloucester Regiment Officer - 1805.

  10. so i'm lazy

    Okay, so I'm lazy. Or just too busy at the moment doing other stuff. Who knows?Anyway, I have managed to find some old (ca 1988 or so...) pics of some of my ealry efforts. As soon as I can get scanner time, I'll get them posted. Then let the criticism begin!I really need to get a digital camera. Film is great, especially when I break out the macro lenses, but I never seem to get the films developed. Thus the box containing some 65 or so rolls of film. Who knows _what_ is on them...The cold has finally ...
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