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  1. Killer Kan II Done

     I finished off the second Killer Kan last night (except I forgot the handle in the top hatch - arg) and now I'm on to the third one. I find myself rushing a bit since I feel pressed for time before the tournament (in two weeks). I know, two weeks is a lot of time for some, but those who are older, full-time jobs, families, snow removal duties, etc. know that it can be incredibly short when looking for hobby time.
    I used the pastel chalks to finish up the "dirty" panels of ...
  2. tanking it up

    The rebuild of the steam tank is now starting to gather a little pace. I spent last night greenstuffing the joins between the components. Why do parts never go back as easily as the first time you build them.I have also found the exhaust cover for the chimney, so have started painting this up....Looking at the photo, maybe I need to add a little more white!No painting tonight, I have two 1500 point games arranged at my gaming club.All the best...
  3. Just getting started

    I am starting this blog as a handy place to store my wips. I've gotten started on a dwarf and now I have camera that will actually take a decent photo. I'm kind of stuck on this guy. I don't know which direction to go. He will have an axe when he's done but I wanted to get the breastplate done. I'm at the point where I want to paint but not make decisions on color scheme on this guy. Also of note, I haven't been getting a lot of painting done because of these. They were born in June and are ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Choir singing when the voice starts to break.

    No painting last night, because I paid a visit to our local Cathedral to listern to my two boys sing in the school Carol servive.Very nice it was, but I think that the teachers were having a little joke with some of the lads. My eldest is 14 now, and his voice has mostly broken. He and his male classmates were made to sing a song that was mostly low but with some high notes. The audience held their breath as they started and as the reaslisation spread of what was about to happen. It went great throughout ...
  5. baby got back

    Or actually, my back is making me feel like a baby. I had a weird knot in my back start a couple days was annoying but tolerable. Last night I accidentally aggrivated it while trying to adjust the blankets on my bed. Sounds silly, but I must have strained it just right because it went into a massive spasm. I haven't felt pain like this in quite some time.  Anyway, no other update today likely. . .I'm not sure if I'll be able to paint. 2 posts in a row with no WIP photos! I promise, ...
  6. Dear God, am I that old?

    41.  Just starting my fifth decade extant on the mudball we call home.  Been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, ever since another buddy of mine turned 41 - and missing a buddy who would have turned 41 last week if the crab hadn't got him two years ago while I was overseas.  Although, my GF pointed out that at least I'm not as old as her dad (we share a common birth day if not year). As for painting - I'm sitting here looking at a Reaper Necromancer that needs grass, ...
  7. Need some Iliad figs

    I'm trying to track down 3 figures from the now defunct Iliad games: Murata, female Aeromancer of Heraklyn, and the Air Elementals.Any leads on tracking these down would be greatly appreciated.Her , Him, and Them. Thanks!
  8. It gets worse before it gets better

    After successfully sacrificing itself to save the remaining empire army when the shelf fell in my cabinet, I thought I owed it to its crew to attempt to put it back to gether again.Therefore most of yesrday was spent taking apart and reassembling this huge hunk of metal. I had originally assembled it without the turret and with a hellblaster cannon as its main cannon, because I could in the old version of the rules and because it was funny to have a steam tank running around with a killing machine ...
  9. Killer Kan II - The Experiment Continues.

    I made progress this weekend on the "white" Kan. I feel like I'm closer to what I'm looking for on the worn, white panels but not there yet. I think I need to tint it with the   pastels/pigments. I'm not sure why I'm hesitant to just do a wash.  I think it might be that I know I can remove all of the pigments powder without affecting the paint underneath if I don't like the results, then start over. A wash would be harder to recover from.

    I'm hoping for a popup ...
  10. amazon pep squad

    the musician and standard bearer for the warrior women are underway

    go team, go!

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