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  1. gess thay who thay are

    well i gess the who thay are did not like my RANT welll dont reneber what i seed just i did not like stuff in king of war but will say thay shud post what ever i tipe but NO well if like have thiss one go let go to to got get to my new thing got get more bikini girls with gun or swords and my books the 3 of em orks SPMSA and IGs witch i get soon we will get more zombi sivivers and do more IGs and get more stuff to a mager projet get my island of blood hi elfs dun and rats to wish i can get ...
  2. Zombicide Black Plague painting....

    Hey guys...I just painted all my Zombies and Villains from my Zombicide Black Plague core box...thought I would share. Its still a work in progress. And I have to apologies for the poor quality of my camera...

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    I started with Three tone primer. Primed them all black, the grey from the top, then a lighted grey at the very top...I was out of white, so it didnt turn out like I wanted it...

    Name:  base1.jpg
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  3. [Infinity] Usariadna army pack

    Name:  크기변환_크기변환_20160516_220957 복사.jpg
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    I attempted to paint like 'SWAT team'. not military service.

    Foxtrot rangers was converted from chandra spec ops.


    Tabletop Gaming
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  4. well nuther one like have dun

    well not going to popst my matic devel girls hare just going to voted down dam repulcens well just playing spore crecher crater and just thinkg what be if i can get the creachers that dun unpaited 3 d printed so cool mini of my creachers dun up like have that and to paint em be so cool well whonder if can be dun now think how mutck will cost i paint them my selff but some one need do the priting well never hapen other things nuthing yet might do some 40k mini if not to tired as lisen to fandtions ...
  5. Space Wolves Army - by Den of Imagination!

    Quote Originally Posted by DEN of IMAGINATION View Post
    From our painting service another miniature showcase!

    Space Wolves Army painted mostly on our level 4 with level 3/2 Wolves.
    Imperial Knight is fully magnetized.


  6. welll all most dun and? F@$%$@$$N TROLL VOT ME DOWN

    welll like get the TROLLSS that vot me down when mr rat and 3oth anverty SPM whare almost up to 5,5 and now thare down to 2,9 AAAAAAARRRHGGGG DAM TROLLS have be trols that olny BLEEEPPERS that do that shit to me but bunny girl at 5,0 thats good this un fare tell you it ENET TROOLLLS THAT f^^$#$%@#@$ UP ALL THE GOOD THINGS well my mantic minis are all most dun will see might not post em hare thare be on 8.9 and the TROLLS will vot me down to 2,2 or lower damm TROLLLS
  7. whhhhooo hoooo

    yes the pic off my bunny giels a 5 oner a 2 do the math all most fineshed with the devel girls basssing nest and i got the 30th anavery marein or do i you see and last NR rat whatas that well gen you see on the you tubes and hare well that alll ben up to and pic vids are being dun soon ;;;;;;]]]]]
  8. welll thare at agen

    well soly but shory geting em dun my devel girls from mantic games and yes ther harsh cridis of thiss sight dont like my new bunny girl that crummy pic wish i can ues my new cam but ha on all youZ got on the you tubs and thinking posting a non ceserd one on fack book hauy fliker shud do that wish i cud post that on my hana fondray page i whonder ???? well may be i try will see now the new devel girls are tacking long time becaous you cant do em all at one shot loke the if had all the same stuff ...
  9. the bunnys are cuming

    well got the buny girl that i got at the zenkaikon this year if like see it at this time you got go to the you tubes yes will tacl pics and add it hare you will see the mini soon and yes shes toples and big bobed or busty and shes at the beatch you see the other thing is my devel girls are comeing out OK you see en yes on the you tube and hare well some eme got siome stuff going and have em with one hare stiel that did not come with em yes ponny tails you will see em to so thats it TTFN
  10. thare hare

    well got the matic devel girls finnly worig on em well not yet will be soon you see em on the you tube and yes all geing big tits desied that sens i have to put all to gether and well desed that all nee big er boobs that what come in pack and get them and going look so cool and have imps and going to do exsily dim wid thing and some not so nice hay thare imps thay dont know beter so see em dun on the you tube at regreen09 well got get back to them TTFN

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