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  1. Carrellata di vecchi lavori

    Ecco una carrellata dei miei "vecchi" lavori, che tanto vecchi non sono perchè risalgono a non più di sette, otto mesi fa. Il primo è Radagast il Bruno, uno degli Istari. Poi un capitano degli Esterling proveniente dal Rhun. Per finire un trio di temibili Guardie Nere di Barad-dur, èlite delle truppe di Mordor.

    Radagast il Bruno

    Capitano degli Esterling

    Other ,
  2. Check out my pics

    I've uploaded a whole bunch of my best (favourite) miniatures and a peak at what I'm working on now, It may take a while to get tiriel finished i havent done any painting for days.

    check it out =)
    Computer gaming ,
  3. hi

    Welcome to my blog =P
    I'll be posting pics of some of my minis soon, i just need a good camera
    I'll also take some pics of my WIP dungeon for super dungeon explorers (releases oct 11)
    Computer gaming ,
  4. Progress report: Tervigon W.I.P.

    Godamn thanks for TEPCO, I'd desided to leave my town and been busy for moving this period.
    Although so that I could make progress my mini works very few, I'd like to write my progress report to tell my foreign friends that I'm okay.

    From the memory I'd been impressed most in my life from 'We are the world - the USA for Africa',  still it's incredible for me foreign friends won't be able to act as like nihon-jin(japanese people) did this time if ...
  5. The tale of the Dragon and Troll

    Red Dragon Lord vs Lava Troll


    The tale of the Dragon and Troll:
    The tales tell that in the deep mountains live so called Lava Troll who long ago killed the Red Flame Dragon. Now it’s believed that he uses the dragons scull as a weapon to kill mountaineers and innocent travelers, who try to find their way through the deep mountains... The old tell the story of how this had happened.. The troll and the dragon were fierce ...
  6. Grumlock and Gazbag, GW pictures from Games day Chicago 2011

    My attempts to make good pictures of this mini never really worked, you can the result in my gallery. So, here is pictures taken by GW, which a much better than mine. Now, I spent some time during the last GD in Chicago actually looking how they do it and I think that maybe I position my light sources incorrectly. Nevertheless here is GW version.

  7. Scott Brandt strikes again - Da Suppa Mega Bomma

    Another year have passed and Scott completed another immence secret project - Da Suppa Mega Bomma. Here is the full view sans the forwardward gun and a close up on a cockpit. People visitin Games Day will be able to see this monster in all its glory at the 40K conversion competition. Unfortunately, it cannot fly


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