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  1. An Inexpensive Light Tent

    This is a light tent I constructed for taking pictures of my miniatures. It is made from an old cardboard box, bristol board, and muslin. The light is a Tensor 15W (75W equivalent) Natural Daylight bulb.
    Instructions for constructing this light tent can be found here.
  2. So the first 1500pts has been decided......

    So after a couple of days of deliberation I have decided to keep it simple and go with one of GW sample lists...
    I have posted this below and would appreciate comments on how it could be tweaked and improved, I am using 4th Company as my army theme with terminators coming from the 1st and the scouts borrowed from 10th.
    HQ - Space Marine Captain (Lightning Claws & Melta Bombs)  100pts
    HQ - Command Squad (5) (Company Standard, Company Champion, Storm Bolter ...
  3. New Ultramarine Force

    Well Hi to all,
    I am returning to miniture painting after a 15 year break and I have decided that I will begin with painting an Ultramarine Army of about 1500 pts that will hopefully stand out from the crowd but that I can also use to play 40k on a regular basis.
    I thought that the blog would be a good idea to show my progress and get some helpful hints and tips as it has been a while since i picked up a brush......
    Hopefully starting my first tactical squad this ...
  4. An apology and many gratitudes for all.

    Hi friends, still I'm okay and live safe, although the radiation marks 0.6 to 3 micro SV per an hour arounds my town.
    First of all, as one of Nihon-jin(Japanese), I apologize to all of you for let you get worried about these accidents still go worse.
    For since the area I live in is declared as "should keep inside the door" and "prepare for escape if emergency occurs", we can't receive neither cargo service nor distribution so that almost what I can know what is going on is only from ...
  5. Dwarf maiden and other things...

    Here is a copy of my dwarf maiden...a friend of mine made me 14 copies and i gifted some of them to my friends...but if you're interested in it just contact me...i have a couple of them...

    Here's a pic made by that friend...with his painted version...
    I had an unused minotuar body...i decided to sculp a BIG ogre...for a Mordheim band...but after have finished it i realised i have no real use for it...if someone's are his pictures. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. State troop - The one and only

    Well I'm a slow painter, I'll say that. But I'm learning, more and more each day. I've painted a base coat over this guy, worked some shadow areas and some highlights, learned a lot about layering, too quick too soon, and about removing mold lines before painting!

    I put him on my window ledge and took a few shots while turning him around. A little photoshop color correction and painting out the background and I have a good mini display layout which I can use to display my in progress ...
  7. Second night after the disaster.

    Hi, all!
    I live in Minami-soma city, Fukushima pref in Japan, and still live and okay.

    As you know, my country was hit by earth quakes again and again, and tidal waves caught my town, nothing has left but plain earth.
    But peoples are still live in there, strongly and kindfullly.Since I am staff of local volunteer team against fire, I see that through my own eyes in team action of rescue victims from under the mud and debris.
    So friends, ...
  8. Speedpaint

    Catching up on speedpainting and letting ideas flow onto the page without getting caught up in anatomy, structure etc. 
  9. Updated shield and priming

    I carried on painting the shield, trying out the NMM style. Also primed up a bunch of models. The shield wasn't very well primed, so it got a little messy, I think next time i'll spray prime and do a better job, but I do think it turned out pretty well. 

  10. First licks of paint

    Here is a small shield I'm painting right at this moment. I'm trying to learn a variety of techniques and to learning how to paint different surfaces, I have a couple of sets bought that I will be painting, and an empire general that I hope to be my first 'good paintjob'.

    Here are a set waiting to get that all important spray


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