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  1. Lo, the Search Hath Ended..

    I've been wanting my Bretonnians for a couple of weeks now, so that I can practice my panting while I wait for my mini files to arrive.I'd gone through most of the stuff in the extra room/nursery.  Nope.Hubby and I dug through the storage space allotted to us in the basement..  Not there.After that, hubby had a flash of inspiration and headed back into the nursery.  Five minutes later, he emerged with a storage bag containing all the sprues from my starter Bretonnian Army.  ...
  2. On efficiency :)

    Here come the story about efficiency and common sense. After some time a finally got my green card (several month ago). Upon close examination by my Human resources they discovered that the government claims that I am a ….. female. If you look at my picture it is rather clear that I am anything but… But it’s ok, I understand, it is an honest mistake so I mailed it back asking to correct it. From here starts the part that I probably should suggest to somebody in ...
  3. Finding Cheap Ways to Do Things

    After thinking about things for a while, needing to find a way for me to create a handle for my minis, I "tripped" over the idea of using binder clips.  I was trying to think of items that I can easily obtain at a reasonable price, and since I work in an office supply store, they seemed to make sense.  All of my figures have the slot bases, so it's even more convenient.I had to come up with a way to set up the Seraphim jet packs for priming/painting, so asked for tips on the ...
  4. New Chaos Lord Terminator AUCTION 2.0!!

    Hello everybody!!! After sometime I finally painted this guy my brother Simon converted some time ago. It is almost greenstuff.. I will try to fond some pics of the miniature unpainted. EBAY LINK: CMON LINK: I started his armour painting in reds but I didn´t like the result so I repainted it with golds with different oil tones. ...
  5. WIP 40k Chaos Warlord Titan Update 2/18

    Here you can see i have gotten most of the basic structure assembled. Ive added some panels using 1/2" foamcore. He now stands about 32" tall. Also the basic structure of the Titan close combat weapon was compleated.    
  6. WIP 40k Warlord Titan

    For the last 3 months i have been slowly working on a BIG project....designing and scratchbuilding a Warlord titan. here are a few pics of the beginnings, Its about a 12 up from the epic model. i used the epic model aswell as catolge pics to get the measurements then multiplied by 12 because its roughly the same ratio between Forgeworld epic and 40k. The core structure you see here is mostly pine and birch with 3/8 threaded rods at the hips. it's assembled with nails, screws and liquid nails. ...
  7. WIP Stormhammer

    This is a 40k Stormhammer that i converted from the new plastic Baneblade. Recently i have been using it to experiment with weathering technics  
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. I just moved in!

    I decided to move my hobby blog from everyone! 
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. A Beginning

    He's gotten into Tyrannids, to help promote the Games Workshop club and products at the local gaming store he works for.  He only bought a couple of new figures, as he inherited a fairly large base army from a senior player at the store who was looking to get rid of those Tyrannids.  He's been lamenting the lack of things we do together, so I decided to begin my own 40K army.  I decided that I like the fluff and look of the Sisters of Battle, so that's what I'm going with.  ...
  10. First post

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