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  1. Bogeyman from TALE of WAR Miniatures FINISHED

    Finished!!! After a looong time painting this big guy it is finished! Using all brown colours adding greens and oranges. Enjoy!
  2. Da Orange Crush

    So my LGS owner and I were talking about orks and all things orky, and we were speaking about how we were tired of green.  Not that I have anything against green orks and their various permutations, but green this and green that gets old.  This brought up the subject of when he worked in a T-shirt factory that certain dyes from different regions that were supposedly the same color carried different hues.  He was told that was beacuse different areas had different soil properties that ...
  3. WIP-Big mek with shock atakk gun - update

    This is an uphill battle. The armor seem to be Ok, but making good pictures turned out to be challenging.  
  4. Veladuras

    Muy buenas!! Visto la pregunta de Ludusbelliano sobre las veladuras abro aqui una pequeña nota para aclararlo.En cuanto a las veladuras tienes que tener en cuenta que la pintura tiene que estar muy diluida, para que quede un acabado fino. Una vez tienes la pintura diluida, la coges con el pincel y quitas el exceso en un poco de papel de cocina. Luego solo tienes que aplicarla en la zona seleccionada en sucesivas capas, de tal forma que empiezas en la zona menos oscura a la mas oscura, ...
  5. Forging Ahead with the Trukk

    Initial thoughts on the Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun. Skeeve was right about the amount of flash dat critters got on it. Holy crap! It took me nearly an hour to clean it up before primering. The only other model that took that much prep work were the Killa Kans. I assumed it was because the mold was so old, but what's the excuse for the brand spankin' new Big Mek?

    Not all is horrible though. I'm finding myself in a strange state about the new ork models. I'm beginning to dread some ...
  6. Back up and running

    Hooray, things are working again. The first attempt to reinstall XP failed miserably when some of my drivers wouldn't install to the correct partitions (my ATI driver insisted on extracting half its files to C and half to D, awesome huh?) so I had to do it all over again. Back up and running though, and this time around I can actually log into Coolmini properly. For a while I was getting the bloody login errors that have been plaguing some people for months. Anyway I can get back to updates ...
  7. Parliament of freehand

    The shields from this unit. The owl motif on the warriors shields are based on the seattle street artist (OvO). The leader's shield is based on an Athenian coin.

  8. Paso a paso hortack andrea 3

    Muy buenas de nuevo!Aqui traigo mas actualizaciones de la cara y cuerpo de hortack:Empezamos con la cara. He empezado a subirle las luces y sombras, le he pintado los ojos y le he dado variedad de tonos.En esta foto he empezado con el torso. Tiene unas cuantas subidas de luces y he empezado a marcarle las sombras:y ahora una foto de delante:En estos pasos es bueno empezar a delimitar las zonas donde van a ir mas marcadas la luces, es decir, definir como queremos que sea la iluminacion de la mini. ...
  9. Reformat C:/

    This could be a really boring night. I'm done backing everything up, just need to burn one last CD with some drivers and updates on it to speed things up later. Pretty soon I'll have XP Pro (with a legit license key this time) and hopefully things will be just peachy. The only thing I'm worried about is my iTunes library, I don't think it'll preserve the star ratings when I rebuild my library... which will suck. I'm gonna make a few playlists so hopefully I can update the ratings faster if I need ...
  10. Big Mek with a shock atakk gun

    Well, this guy is at his early exploratory stages.  I seem to have issues with his skin. but again I can always strip him and repaint I suppose. I am quite happy with the way his gun coming along. Several more washes is needed but so far it doesn't look too bad   

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