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  1. Uriah Jacobus

  2. LOTR minis

    These miniatures a slightly different, it does not matter we just buckled down and started painting. As you can see these guys are not finished yet but we're working not them and in short time I will post the finished minis.
    Jan from WarGamingMamas team
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  3. Iron Wariors WIP that's what we're working on right now

    We've already painted some of them but rest of Iron Warriors are here.
    Name:  IMG_0149.JPG
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Size:  1.59 MB
    BTW - It is still WIP
  4. Void Shield Generator

  5. well it might hapen who knows ???

    well it might do it i might win a you tube con teast who knows see last vid if dare like laghf just silly and got some idic bear stuf dun get dun stuff youl see got nekrons dun got do more iger pupes vid just a thing well short cant think of thing just wish the war store get the tank i like get if not fore that dame tack i will have say yes to buch of orks i seen i face book $ 40 bucks and will have met some who plays but no dame tank BBBBBLLLLEEEEKK well that ...
  6. The hobby is return

  7. Wolsung Mary Fearless conversion

  8. Good Old Space Wolves WIP

    We're been working on these Space Wolves recently. Still not done Though.
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  9. Young Miniatures Viking Bust

    Started the Viking bust this week - finished the eyes and he first highlight today.

    Name:  IMG_0258.JPG
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    Updated 01-22-2018 at 11:05 AM by bobalama

    Painting and Modelling
  10. Woo!

    First post in this blog! What's uppppppppppppppppppp!
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