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  1. I hate, I hate, I HATE--

    People who are oblivious to the world around them.  This has been a pet peeve of mine for the longest time, and my wife thinks its funny.  But given my background and what the military trained me to do, being aware o what is going on around me is second nature.So, the thing is people just have no idea what is going on outside of their little personal space bubble.  These are the same people who bump into you in the store because they have no clue you are there.  They are the ...
  2. 'Tis the Season to be SCARY!

    It's that time of year again. Vampires start waking from their coffins, werewolves get the itch and zombies burst forth from the ground looking for brains. Halloween is almost here so that means I spend half a day going up and down ladders getting tombstones and containers of decorations unpacked for the haunting season.

    My whole family is into Halloween and it's no surprise (to anyone who knows us) that we go all out for the occasion. Everyone dresses for work/school and the house ...
  3. I love this time of year

    <p>I love this time of year.&nbsp; It's so full of energy and completion.&nbsp; My best memories are of fall&nbsp;afternoons in Wisconsin, the leaves rustling in the breeze, the lake my Grandfather lived on still as glass, the trees in bright bold colors, like they're proud to be trees!&nbsp; </p><p>So many special things have happened in the fall for me.&nbsp; My love told me he loved me in the fall.&nbsp; I was propsed to in the fall.&nbsp; It seems ...
  4. More detail, will I know when to call it done?

    I have added more detail, metallic trimmings and a bone white that looks very bright given all the dark grey.  Although I like the structures the detail is a bear to paint.
  5. The the most ancient "Mr. smiley face" unearthed

  6. Progress on the structures (no bling)

    A couple of shades of grey, some red for the tiles, and metallics for the stained glass windows.  Still has a long way to go but so far so good.  It was a busy week for me, otherwise I would have more accomplished.  I really like painting these guys.Click on the image to get a larger sized view.
  7. Gods what a month.

    Been a bit for me here.  Sorry guys - things went to hell last month around here, and I just didnt feel up to Blogging about it.  Needless to say things are better now, and I should be back to the inane chatter soon.
  8. Make Love not War - IgNobel Peace prize 2007...

    goes to The Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, for research and development of a "Gay Bomb," which would cause enemy troops to become sexually attractive to each other. Read all about it here! I will post a detailed update as soon as more information is released
  9. Cars.....I'm with Billy on this one

    <p>Yesterday was an interesting day.&nbsp; The not so good;</p><ul><li>My car broke down.....over heating for no reason</li><li>had to cancel all my appointments because of said car </li><li>had to take the day off because of said car</li><li>will be short of cash (yet again) because of said car</li><li>my best friend is out of town right now so no one to moan at because of said car</li></ul><p>There were, ...
  10. Compulsion Swing - Now On to D&D!

    I've been a bit remiss in my modeling updates, heck, I've been remiss in my modeling - period. My compulsive behavior has shifted from WH40K and modeling to D&D recently.I run a homegrown campaign with my kids and their friends. I have a general outline of the overall story arc but nothing written too far out. This is good since I can build things that  happen to the characters into future events, makes them feel like they're really part of another world and their actions mean something. ...

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