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  1. A Successful First Competition

    Well, I just got home from ReaperCon a few hours ago and my brain feels like a sponge that's overflowing!  I learned so much in just two days.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful, I felt as though I'd been coming for years.
    On to other news, I won two Bronze medals at the competition.  I'm very pleased with that considering this was my first competition and I only had a month to prepare.  I'm looking forward to silver or maybe even a gold next year.  Well, ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. Mantic Games skeletons

    Mantic Games were kind enough to send my wargaming club a selection of sprues for our fun and delight. Included within these sprues were two skeleton sprues. I'm currently working on a Vampire counts list (or two) so it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. Partly because it will give me some variety, partly because it will let me know what I think of their range but mostly because they are free figures!

    I opted to just try the single sprue, ...
  3. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 18

    Ok so i managed to get some more done this weekend, Murray and Rodger the cabin boys ! These guys are Juves for my gang.

    And of course my usual group shot The whole crew are coming along together nicely now and the group shots are very encouraging for myself to see them grow like this.

    Ok so i'd been asked to do a small tutorial for the skin and NMM on these models so here it is. This is going to be a fairly long post and apologies about the poor image quality, i ...
  4. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 17

    Yaarrrr some more. Finally managed to finish this guy this morning, think i'll be moving onto some grots this weekend. I've been asked about a couple tutorials on how i paint stuff so i might do one for the next ork. Not sure how helpful it'll be with my shoddy photo skills but still i'll give it a try for peeps who are interested. Anyway enough boring chatter from me, some piccys !

    and of course the group shot
  5. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 16

    Well progress has been slow but im hoping i can finish this model this weekend work has a way of getting in the way at times. Oh well, it's still a fun project and i think i might do the grots soon after this one.

  6. week 19: A mini zombie horde

    Whilst I appreciate that zombies are supposed to travel around in massive packs, everyone has to start somewhere. I have started by own zombie horde with a modest collection of 10 zombies. Even the most generous person would be stretching a point to call 10 a horde, but these are the first ever zombies I have painted so please give me a little latitude.

    These guys are a mixture of empire militia and zombie models. I opted to go for grey as a skin colour because I thought ...
  7. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 15

    I managed to paint quite a bit this weekend, im happy with this so far, meathook is the crew mekanik, i will probably end up rusting alot of his armour and bits & parts to give a bit more colour variation and make the model a tad more interesting, but so far im really enjoying this one aswell.
  8. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 14

    Tada another one done !, Herman Toothrot a heavy for the pirate crew Im happy with how he turned out i think he has alot of character and i have to admit the plastics are alot easier to paint for me than metal models. Anywho, think i will do meathook next, i've already actually started the base as you can see from the group shot, updates this weekend.

    4 down 6 to go.
  9. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 13

    Not too much progress last night, so only a short update on this little tale.
    The pistol is pretty much done, only tiny amounts to do on the bigger weapon, then i think i might do his other arm or possibly his back banner. Will probably apply some base coats for the hat tonight too.

  10. Week 18: The grave gets a guard

    The previous week was a disaster with only shields to show for a weeks effort, so this week I am pleased to report that I have managed to finish a complete unit of figures....

    The colour scheme has been chosen to match units of skeletons that I have already completed. This means green, green and more green. I opted to keep the greens on the shields and the clothing quite dark with little in the way of highlights. The reason for this is that I wanted the swords ...

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