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  1. right corner bloodletter

  2. bloodletter/coldone

  3. Khorne gore gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by RHCannon View Post
    Name:  20160323_203103-1.jpg
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    Had a lot of trouble getting all my units to line up in formation just in time for gw to scrap the rule set
  4. Khorne gore gallery

  5. Khorne gore gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by RHCannon View Post
    Name:  20160323_203140-1.jpg
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    Been working on a unit of bloodletters for too long now. Really trying to custom sculpt/pose every unit. Jam pack the gore!
  6. Infinity -maverick

  7. New entry

    Hi everyone,

    i'm Filippo (a.k.a. Maestro Ludico), a 36 years old italian wannabe-painter and boardgames lover (expecially dungeoncrawler ones, like the old, good Heroquest).

    Thanks for admittance in this wonderful site!

    Have a good painting day

    Maestro Ludico
  8. New member, hello.

    Hi everyone. I have been painting figures now for over 25 years. Having recently been made redundant ive a lot more time on my hands, so expect to see a lot of my work.
    Please vote on my figures and any comments are welcome.
    most of my figures are for sale, if you fancy any drop me an email. Thanks THE CID.
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  9. The first step is always the hardest!!!

    Hi members,
    as you can see I am new here and have with the miniature painting recently started. I poste sometimes some Minis here and simply wanted to know what you say in addition.

    Your Crissis.

    Name:  20160201_130337.jpg
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  10. WIP Reapers Sarah the seeress

    Quote Originally Posted by SQRT(-2) View Post
    Please excuse the photo, it was taken with my phone in my living room.

    I am working on a new miniature and I am trying to do my best on it as a baseline and it seems to be missing something. Any ideas? What does she need?

    reapers Sarah the seeress
    rustolum painters touch flat black primer
    P3 paints and washes
    Armypainter wargamer monster brush
    armypainter anti

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