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  1. Day (of the dead) Tripper

  2. The Chaos Divide 11

    Ok for a long overdue update on my wip i managed to finish painting a squad of tsons marines and another terminator (which i haven't shown). I think individually im happy with the quality of the painting in general but as a unit they do look nice together, especially since they will be used for tabletop gaming. I've spent the last couple days putting together some khorne beserkers so that i can mix up the colour palette im painting since it can get a bit boring when you're army building. I know ...
  3. Galeria actualizada

    Hace tiempo que no actualizo nada, esto va a temporadas. Ahora parece que vuelvo a retomar un poco mas el hobby, y por el momento he actualizado el "Album de fotos" con dos nuevas imagenes.Una figura y un diorama, ambos ambientados en ESDLA, participantes del concurso "MATHOM 2008" ( y haciendo podio en cada categoria.No son nada del otro mundo, mas bien con un nivel mas bajo, pero como siempre... han servido de banco de pruebas jejeje. El la figura ...
  4. Marauders + paint = progress

    It's nice to go from that, to this in a single sitting.In a strange turn of events, I used white primer for the first time in ages, and then proceeded to paint a very dark and gritty model using the new Citadel Washes. The recipe for the model was simple. Basecoat. Apply a few washes. Reapply basecoat. Apply some final washes. Varnish and photograph.I'm really excited about how the army will look, and it should be pretty realistic to expect to have it all done in 6 weeks. My current schedule is ...
  5. The twisted army of the North...

    Cue the ominous tones, I've finally been converted to the dark side. I'm actually doing an "evil" army for once. Warriors of Tzeentch to be precise. Some Slaaneshi Marauders will play a supporting role, but I want a loaded magic phase, a few heavy hitters, and very little in the way of defense. Should be fun!I'm currently working on some of the first conversions for the army. Pretty soon I'll get impatient and build the rank and file plastic models from the army. I plan on taking them ...
  6. Harry The Hammer

    Painted for the Frenzy Painting Competition 2008 in The Netherlands.Any comments or critism appreciated.
  7. Eldar Falcon

    I painted this pain in the arse for the Frenzy Painting Competition 2008 in The Netherlands. Unfortunately, I did not get an award for this but I still met some great people and got a lot of inspiration there. 
  8. O! The Warstore now sells Microart Studios bases

    Now, I usually do not advertise things mainly because it is rather difficult to excite me enough, but this is rather unexpected so.... The Warstore ( carries apparently almost everything Micro Art Studious have to offer including all of their amazing bases at very afordable price. Certainly, no more shipping from Europe
    Here is the link
  9. First CMON Submission: Marauder Horseman

    My first CMON submission was uploaded and approved this weekend. It's a Chaos Marauder Horseman - the first in my slowly growing Nurgle chaos army. Hop on over to the CMON submission page and vote or leave a comment. Or, check out some larger images and a some thoughts on the mini at my other painting blog.Personally, I'd give it somewhere around a 6. There's nothing too special about it (no conversions or scultping), but I'd say it's some superior tabletop quality. Just what I'm looking to achieve ...
  10. Just Created the Blog

    Welcome to my CMON blog! When I first got into the hobby, I frequented CMON quite a bit. I found it a great source of inspiration for color schemes and painting techniques.At the time, I worked at a local gaming shop. It was great fun, and it provided me a lot of time to sit around and work on my modeling. Unfortunately, I had to leave the store (a college job) and move on to the real world almost two years ago.In the interim, I pretty much gave up on Warhammer, although I still had my collection ...

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