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  1. Hogwash!

  2. Nidzilla Project 05

    Well i've been busy this week painting up my charging fex and trying out a slightly different technique in the purple carapace. Both look nice but i think the first way looks a bit better than the second. Anyway im really happy with the blending and the colours all work well together. Comments and criticisms are always welcome. As it goes for one of my more major conversions im happy with it but i might try doing some more with green stuff soon. Now that the skulls i've ordered have arrived, i might ...
  3. wargh-on-a-mission

    Test fit the orcs tonight... For what I had intended to be a 'quickie project', I think this is going to end up looking pretty decent, if I do say so myself.

  4. Ron & Bones new miniature game info

    Hi there!!Massive update hahaha Some of you may notice we will release our own miniature´s game pretty soon so I will update my blog usually the next weeks with images, minis, info and pics about it like now.We spent all our time of the last two years working in this project with great proffessionals for rule book, card games, illustrators and graphic designs, painters las JMPN and ME :-)....So there you have more info about the game I hope you will find interesting :-)Click on the pic to ...
  5. TALE of WAR september new releases

    Hello!Once again Tale of War miniatures releases new miniatures for this month of September.
    Hope you like them all and you will enjoy as muchas as we did designing, sculpting and painting them. You can also see the new miniatures in our web site with additional information:
    www.taleofwar.comIn addition, we present our own miniature and card game!! An innovate and original game you can see here:RON&BONES!!!
    www.ronandbones.comDoubts and advices are always welcome: ...
  6. A Dozen Deff Guns

    Got some time in on the deffguns this weekend and took a couple shots along the way. Tedious but worth it in the end, the details on ALL of the new or k models are astounding. Here's da lads noise makers with the red finished and the metals started.  And a groups shot with all the metals finished.Here's a four-up showing more details of each gun type. At this point, all the red and metals are dine - I'm going back through and doing the skin and the nall the little details and doodads (and ...
  7. Orcus Maximus

  8. Nidzilla Project 04

    Ok, so i spent a few days converting, cleaning and removing the mold lines and putting together 2 fexes for this monster army. Overall im happy with them and the charging one is much more dynamic than the normal ones. Charging Fex - this was the one that took the longest to convert, i added a plate to the underbelly of the beast. Then i repositioned the legs to show it charging and put in a large pin into the base so that the foot can support the whole body. I grinded off some the ridges on ...
  9. Forge World avatar - WIP

    After long break I finally fought off that lazy streak and took some pictures. This is Forge World eldar avatar that was patiently waited since the previous games day. This is large and rather complicated model with heavily textured surface that makes blending rather difficult. I am painting it in a traditional "hot, but cooling lava" color scheme with one exception. I figured that his armor is not his "skin" and therefore should be different. Armor was painted using interference ...
  10. The Honorable Col. Marbles

    Shown in the patrol uniform of the 69th Infantry Regiment. "The Felchers".
    Limited Ed. fig sculpted by the amazingly talented Shane Hoyle for participants of the FU!UK Salute 08 game.
    I did sort of a rush job, but I just wanted something fun and quick to get him on my shelf so I can keep on keepin' on otherwise.

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