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  1. on my way . . .

    Hey all, I am new to the site and the principle of recording my work like this. Painting and modelling however are not new to me so there is no problem there. The new army is Orks, having had trouble with painting space marines - always have trouble painting hard lines and extreme highlighting i decided to go to something that has a more natural feel to them.I'll be painting this army as my aside for schoolwork. Therefore this will not be a slap up army, it'll be painted probably over the next year ...
  2. Cabin Boy (with no chance of promotion)

  3. Daemons & other oddities

    Once again, we went to the 24-hour paint-a-pa-looza at Sanctuary Games, and had a great time. The last few months, most everyone was painting WHFB or 40K miniatures, but this time there was a wider variety of entries and painting styles. We saw an amazing Millennium Falcon, some excellent Warmachine Khador, and a fabulous oop Dark Elf Hydra. Heather’s entry, Hamika, won Judges vote in this months competition.We’ve finally got our prices page up – we offer 3 different grades of ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Pirate Party

    The undead pirates are partying down because they are all done being painted, and thus the crew is ready to get underway. They are also forsale on ebay should anyone want them.

    Individual pictures On CMON

  5. Space Wolf Army

    So i thought i post up some pics of my space wolf army, i painted them about 2-3 years ago now and they're in pretty good condition altho i will be repainting some, tidy up the paint job and give them more detail  Well my army consists of:3 dreadnoughts1 (15man) bloodclaw pack - 1 isnt painted
    4 (6man) grey hunterpacks - 1 pack isnt painted
    1 (5man) longfang pack - 2 arent painted
    1 (11 man) terminators - 6 arent painted
    which is alot of models but im awaiting the new ...
  6. New TALE of WAR releases for monday 1 of Sept.

    Dear guys!!Today I will fly away with my girlfriend all the weekend when I will write the presetation for monday of our new releases!!!I believe those are going to be our best launch of new releases ever done. Amazing! Love all them hahaha.In addition we will release the basic rule book of ROLEAGE as well as a lot of surprises.You can join us in the forum on monay at 20:00 spanish time.CheersSaul
  7. Fear the Dead-Pirate Roberts

  8. 30K Apocalyptic battle (Long, A lot of pictures)

    This was the largest apocalyptic engagement I yet to see. At some point there were more then 30000 points on the table. Every participant was supposed to have ~3000 points committed with half placed on the table at the point of initial deployment and the rest coming later on reserve rolls. There multiple objectives that each side must reach and control, in addition each player had a secret agenda, which was known only to organizers (guys that are running our local GW at 8th street). Tim (my son) ...
  9. Khador 02

    Well here is an update on my painting. I wanted to do something with a bit more colour than my Cryx, so i decided to work on my Khador models. After i finished doing the red highlights i wanted to do something with the large areas to make the model seem a bit more interesting so i added some freehand lettering on the shoulder areas. I particularly like the contrast of colours between the main colours and the base. So my juggernaut is done but my photography skills still suck so much, I also painted ...
  10. the deadest deckhands

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