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  1. WIP - Buhrdur (actualizado 30-03-08)

    Hola buenas!!!He aqui otro proyecto en proceso en el que estoy trabajando actualmente ya que estoy algo estancado con el " No muerto", y esta figura la tenia esperando a pintar desde hace mucho.La figura es troll de "El señor de los anillos" (de games-worshop). Concretamente, un heroe poderoso de las fuerzas de la oscuridad en el reino de Angmar. Hace algo de tiempo que salio junto con el suplemento "La ruina de Arnor".Por el momento estoy con la piel. Lleva ...
  2. Hmm I should post more.

    Spent most of this afternoon undoing work I did in January - pulled up the ramps I installed for a friend so she could get around her house after a car wreck.  Her doctor says she's done in 3 months what most people dont do in a year - guess you could say she's driven. Other than that havent painted in about a month, just really havent felt like it after work.  I'm looking at 7 pieces that need to be sealed and finalized, 4 of which might make CMON.
  3. Big Mek with shockk atack gun - update

    It’s been awhile. To the point that some people inquired whether I am still alive – apparently there are some regular readersJ. Life of late was rather intense. Just got an e-mail from my boss saying that “the week from hell is over”. It’s been actually longer then a week but yesterday was the first day when I had more then 6 hours of sleep in a while. Anyway. I scrounge some hours today and worked a bit more on this guy. Comments and ideas are very much appreciated. ...
  4. Chunky Wedges Rant...

    O.K so I am annoyed. I'v been bottling this up for to long, and now I have to just let it all out.I HATE McCains potatoe wedges with extra chunk.It's not necassary, what was wrong with just normal sized ones. And to top it off I cannot choose which ones to buy as they have discontinued the regular chuck wedges.Now I love my wedges, coupled with some fish fingers or chicken nuggets they are fantastic. (And before you say I eat like a four year old, think to yourself that really is a great meal, you ...
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  5. Competative Painting and Painting in General

    Well hello to all and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog entry as yoiu may have guessed. I will be posting some of my WIP within the coming weeks for your viewing pleasures. So for you pros out there. I have been painting for almost 3 years now and  hope to enter the GD in Baltimore this year. I have basic concepts as well as certain advanced techniques down but need some advice on what type of paints to use considering I have been starting to dislike the citadel range for months now. ...
  6. Lathiem from Enigma Miniatures

    Hi there!! Here you have my second Latorre´s miniature. An amazing sculptwork to create a fantastic barbarian I hope you like it. I tryed to sature all colours to generate a vivid image composition oposit to my last mini (the krieg) where I used all cold colours.           This mini is also for sale for 400 euros. If you are interested drop me some lines to my mail  Enjoy!!!
  7. Fotos de curso de pintura

    Hola a todos chicos, Aqui os pongo un link a toda la galeria de fotos del curso añadiendo un par de ellas que ha hecho Skorpia.     Aqui os dejo el link a la galeria completa: LINK Espero queos halla gustado el curso pero sobre todo que os resulte útil. teneis mi movil y email para cualquier duda o pregunta.Un abrazo a todos y encantado de haber compartido estos dos dias con vosotros. 
  8. Sort of like an update

    Just thought I'd poke my head in the door to say something... I have been swamped with University stuff the last couple weeks and have barely picked up a brush this month. I found a bit of time to assemble and prime another dozen Glade Guard for the campaign, but that's about it. After I get some papers and stuff done this week I should be in reasonable shape for some painting the next little while. I would love to finish off some Core troops and paint up another Mage or two... and before too long ...
  9. Urban bases for warhammer/warhammer 40K

    I'm doing some urban bases for warhammer/warhammer 40K, i was bored of using always the same plan bases so i've been thinking for a while about doing something special for my current army (the newly released Vampire counts for wh).I found a way to "sculpt" the urban texture on the base just by accident, i was playing with a couple of molds i have and i found a simple way to transfer the texture to the bases:cut off the upper part of a warhammer plastic base, just leave the edgesplace the ...
  10. Can't Be Bothered...

    Can't really be bothered to formulate a proper blog post, so you can just have todays notes, happy Easter...   
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