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  1. Techno Fruit

    Was a tad drunk last night and the idea crossed my mind about Techno Fruit, it's what robots would eat to fulfill their 5 a day. But instead of the fruit juices being orange or apple flavored they would be WD40 or petrol flavor.  
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  2. Totally (NOT )ripping off other people work...

    edited: I was wrong, they have an agreement with hirts arts so they are cool:  my apologies and thanks to everyone that sent me the link above
     isn't this (new) terrain piece: little bit too similar with this set done by hirst arts? I know that gothic churches are supposed to be similar but this is really a copycat! : ( p.s. still ...
  3. Raisin Eyed Boy

    Got a bit bored today so wrote a poem about a lad who has raisins for eyes.
    There was a boy who had raisins for eyes.
    He missed seeing thing things that would take him by surprise.

    He would cry and sob into his pillow at night.
    Wishing that one day he would wake up with sight.

    His trouble's finally ceased one day at a fair.
    When a bird came swooping down from out of the air.

    And pecked the raisins right out of his head.
    But unfortunately ...
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  4. Big Thumbs

    Was drilling a figure the other day and drill bit snapped and sunk into my thumb. No major damage just stung a little bit when put any pressure on it for about half an hour. This meant my thumb was pretty useless for that time.

    Which got me thinking about evolution and mile stones which have had a massive effect, and I figured possibly the most important was the opposable thumb (if we didn't have them we would be as useless as cats, which are pretty useless to be honest).
    But I never ...
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  5. Flu and I. Flu is winning

    Flu is one of the most horrible diseases. You have that impression that nothing really happens and all you have to deal with is just a minor discomfort.. not so… Anyway. I had  a bad one. I hoped that since I am sick I can as well paint. Ha! Not really. My eyes got tired in an hour… I actually ended up falling asleep right at my painting station… woke up rather confuse about two hours later. AS a result not much was done last week. I finally resumed painting my Ork with ...
  6. Imperial Guard Krieg BUY IT NOW

  7. The Free, Strong, Men of the Nation

  8. New Releases Tale of War: March

    Today 17 of March we are proud to anounce our first new releases for this year.
    As we have been doing for the last months, we present a new TALE REVISION we hope you like it.

    And two new characters for our Fotogramas serie as well.
    We will be still working in innovating and creating miniatures as original and impressive as possible.

    Thank you very much,

    Tale of ...
  9. Paso a paso hortack andrea 5

    Seguimos actualizando con la espalda de la mini. Seguimos el mismo proceso que el del torso, y despues aplicamos los tonos, igual que en el torsoespues de esto, solo nos queda acusar los contrastes en aquellas zonas en las que lo necesite:Espero que os gusten los avances, y si teneis alguna duda sollo teneis que decirlo.Un saludo!
  10. Paso a paso hortack andrea 4

    Muy buenas de nuevo!Despues de algun tiempo sin poder actualizar por falta de esto, tiempo, aqui sigo con el proceso de hortack:En este momento empezamos a meterle los tonos a la piel. Este proceso ya lo habiamos empezado antes, pero ahora lo intensificamos mas, con tonos medios y mas oscuros para las sombras:En la paleta se pueden ver los tonos empleados: rojos y anaranjados para los tonos medios, y púrpuras y marrones para los más oscuros.Un saludo! Dentro de poco pondre mas avances.

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