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  1. Priest of Sigmar AUCTION

  2. Coolest model in the history of ever

    Your mileage may vary, but personally I think this sculpt is perfect. I'm thrilled to finally have this model. He's Nazgrub Wurrzag, ork scrap prospector. This fig from '97 has been one of if not my absolute favorite production model, and now I own one :-)At the moment he's chilling out on my drawing tablet, but once I figure out a scrapheap style base for him, I'll get to work painting the bugger. I plan on doing my best to emulate some of the absolutely amazing Ork skintones to come out of Games ...
  3. WIP - No muerto (actualizado 29-02-2008)

    A ver, avances... pues ya le he puesto cara!!! Y como me gustan mucho las peliculas de "zombisycriaturasvampirescaschupasangre", ahi queda eso jejeje, pues eso... que se me ha ido la pelota y lo he dejado un poco gore al pobre. Y luego pues a la tunica le he acentuado las luces y a las calaveras un poco tambien aunque creo que no se nota mucho. A esta tunica endemoniada le queda un telediario!!!!!
  4. Canon

    Et voila le debut de la fin, mais pourquoi j'ai voulut tester le flocage neige ... 
  5. Thunderers

    Voila mon second état major, ici j'ai constaté que le brossage à sec n'étais pas toujours mon ami :x 
  6. Hammerers

    Mon premier état major, c'est grace à celui-ci que j'ai appris qu'il étais préférable de diluer pas mal ma peinture :s 
  7. Moi / Me

    Bonjour,Alors voila je débute dans la peinture de figurines warhammer, j'ai découvert warhammer il y à environ 6 mois. J'aime peindre mais j'ai encore de grosses lacunes donc si vous avez des conseils n'hésitez pas . _____________________________________________ He llo,I'm an beginner in paint, i've discovered warehammer there are 6 months. I paint dwarf but i don't paint well :s so if you have any tips
  8. Don't Look. . . .

    . . . just Leap. My radio show is coming back off of several months hiatus for the night, and I'll be DJing online this evening:------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Radio Esperanto celebrates calendaric anomolies with acoustic accompanyment this coming leap evening.

    Tune in if you choose, by pointing your mp3-thingy to our server.

    Leap Show
    Feb 29, 21:00 (PST)
    with CJP.

    stream links available at:
  9. Curso de Pintura por Saul Remis

    Hola a todos. Finalmente he decidido impartir un curso de pintura en Asturias, Gijón. El lugar será el estudio que tenemos en Cimadevilla (Gijón) este mes de Marzo. La duración del curso será de 16 horas a lo largo de dos sábados consecutivos. En pricipio serán el 15 y 22 de Marzo salvo que la gente esté ocupada en semana santa. El número de plazas será de 7 personas y el precio del curso de 120 euros. El temario será el que sigue:PRIMER SABADO: -Teoría básica de pintura: conceptos ...
  10. Ork Trukk Done

    I'm done with the trukk - whew! I know it's not my best work but considering the time I put in it's alright with me. I need the time before the tournament to do the Big Mek up right. Besides, this gives me practice for the next trukk, right?Not too much different than the last post about it - less shiney as it's Dullcoted now. I think I went a bit overboard in the distressing of the model and it does come off as waaay too busy, to much to look at and hard to focus. I'll give it one thing though, ...

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