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  1. Kronkle's Project Log: 5/22/12

    Quote Originally Posted by kronkle View Post
    Hello all. I would like to introduce myself to the community by sharing a recent completed project of mine. A custom converted Khorne Juggernaut with Lord. I've always enjoyed looking around cmon but have only recently gotten over the daunting task of feeling ok with posting my work online. It seems like a very professional community so I definitely feel more welcome here. crits and comments are welcome. img url :
  2. Starting all over

    Well....I posted my fist piece in years's a new beginning for more then one way actually...but I'll stick to the mini painting subject for now....I'm already working on finishing a new older ... long OOP faerie Mini from Thunder Mountain miniature which strangely enough was sculpted by Tom Meier who I found out live about 5 minutes from me here in Cincinnati, OH.....I met him and bought this mini from him directly at his was kind of cool...well ...
  3. Demon WIP... again!

    Hello to all, I have finally decided after several months of reflection to redo the base of this demon.
    I decided to leave on something more natural.

    First of all here are the photos of the figurine ended at first, then the photos of the WIP.

    Give I your opinion as well as advices.


    Updated 05-14-2012 at 09:29 PM by Chern Ann

    Painting and Modelling
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  4. Long Jonh (Ron and Bones)

    Hello everybody,

    This is my first post, it´s a WIP from Long Jonh, and I would like to have comments/sugestions, since I would like to improve my painting (I´m new on mini´s painting´s, this is my third mini),

    Regards from Portugal,

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  5. my warmachine arsenal


    i'm new to this miniature painting world. just want to share my first ever try at miniature painting using
    a khador destroyer. still have alot to learn and any comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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  6. Great crusade 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all
    Me and my friends (if you count my brother as a friend) are gonna be doing a great crusade 2. i'll add the back story in another entry but basically we're gonna play a big campaign in summer 2013 with the imperium (and some allies (- against the aliens ( MUA HAH HAH HAH!!) this will end in some big battle for survival...................blah blah............................drone drone........................................with extra cheese.................................... ...
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  7. Broadcast from the Bunker

    Anyone there?....

    Any survivors respond please?....

    Any minature painters surviving from the maelstrom of the mid nineties? I have returned to the bunker of my memories, dusted off my skills and returned to the hobby. But believe me, my skills are rusty.

    You know that moment, when the tip of your brush is approaching the tip of the shoulder pad/eye socket. It's barely loaded with skull white, ready to emphasise the sun catching on the detail of your chosen
  8. Painting white as the focus.

    Hello everyone,

    As I get back into the addictive miniature painting hobby. I am working on advancing my skills from the styles of 7 years ago.

    One skill I am playing around with is painting white as one of the main focuses. Whether it is to be white armor, the cloak of a white knight, or a creature from space, hell, or the beyond. If any of you have some tips to achieve a nice looking white paint job, I am all ears (well I should say eyes, lol)

    I can't ...
  9. And now we have paragraphs! WTF?

    Posted my last entry to see that it is in paragraph format! WTF? Went back and edited older posts into paragraphs so as not to be accused of damaging the eyes of anyone who happens to read my drivel!
  10. Andrea Black Paint set

    A little while back, I started trying to (unsuccesfully) paint black. Thread found here:

    As Dragonsreach was kind enough to point out, I was following a technique for larger scale minis that did not translate well to 28mm. So based off the recommendations of a few forum members and youtube reviews, I ordered the Andrea Black paint set from The Michigan Toy Soldier Company: ...

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