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  1. Mighty Drummer

    Now my Mordor army has a mighty drummer to make its march against Saurons' foes even more frightening. A finished mini from Mordor / Izengard Troll-kit. Press on the image to see the back view    
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. Green of my Wraithlord/Woodlord

    Well, I guess we can start with the basics. My name is Sarah, and I am a GW afficionado. Despite preferring fantasy games to sci-fi, I am stuck with a brother and boyfriend who play 40k and no-one to play fantasy with in my area *sniff sniff*. Therefore, I more or less converted Wood Elves into 40k, but with a bit more technology. Let me add that the Pathfinder rules for Eldar are evil, in a good way. My opponents now cherish anything that doesn't allow for cover saves. I also play Obscuras ...
  3. Where it all began.

    Actually, it all began with painting green plastic army men with my Testors model paints. Then the viking game pieces from Crossbows and Catapults. Then I bought the 30 MK7 marines box. Thats where this whole thing really started for me. I had some craft paints, and after paging through a friend's copy of Rogue Trader I decided the dark angels looked cool. A trip down to the basement turned up the pieces; I had to glue him back together for this shot:
  4. Piotr Goodenough

    Ok now for a model which i have been meaning to paint for a while. I got him at Salute09 and it's an awesome sculpt and the quality is good. I had alot of fun working on this guy. I think i might need a bit more work to clean up bits but in general im happy with this guy. Comments and crits always welcome. 
  5. The Inn of the Green Man

    Here's the Inn, all finished up:

    More views and details here.
  6. Trolls skin

    Few days ago I started a Troll from Mordor/Izengard Troll kit. It was interesting to have a choice – three heads and at least three variants per each arm to select. But the body didn’t look detailed if compared with metal Troll from old box-set. That’s why I decided to use some green stuff. Now I’m satisfied and the Troll is ready to be painted.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Welcome!

    Hello folks, this page is currently under construction so nothing to see here, move along, move along!!Expect to see lots of WIP's and comments all neatly in one place, I like organisation although I will still be posting in the forums as well. Hopefully I will have something interesting here sometime this week.dfb
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. Jiggity Jig

    This piece is nearly done now. I'm just finishing up the ground work and scenic details.

  9. My Guitar

    OK, this post is completly off topic, But this is my guitar, and i need to know who the manufacturer is. All i can go by as the metal plate on the back saying Made in Japan.   
  10. Exalted hero of Nurgle

    Conversion based on Games day 2009 model as it was 2 weeks ago

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