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  1. Forge world Avatar - poor Yorick pattern :)

         Over Christmas I finally found some time to ties everything together assemble and paint what needs to be painted. The only thing left is the loincloth and, I think, I have pretty good idea what I want to do with it. I tried several things on this model that I’ve never attempted before, including some sculpting that is more complicated then filling joints - Look at his helmet, for examples, and the dead CSM – too bad GW now came out with space marine casualties ...
  2. Landscape First Aid

    One of our hills got left near a radiator and the foam warped pretty badly underneath. What is a terraformer to do? Cut it back, and make a section of cliffs for rough going / impassible terrain.

  3. FS: Warmaster Undead starter army.

    Sorting through my collection I found this Warmaster army I never finished, and don't need. Primed, and just started the bones on a few pieces. $10 .

  4. The Chaos Divide 12

    Well another update, since i wanted to work more on my beserkers so that i could mix up what im working on. I started work on the leader of the squad and since i wanted each squad leader to be easily identifiable i used an old chaos lieutenant model which i had, changed the head and the gun. Im happy with both the NMM and the reds, i wanted to keep the cloak nice and dark so not to upset the balance of colours on the model but it was kind of boring so i painted a bit of freehand on the back to improve ...
  5. "By our deeds we are known" -28th G.I.R.

    MadPonies Charity Auction:

    28th Gloucester Regiment Officer - 1916
    28th Gloucester Regiment Officer - 1805.

  6. so i'm lazy

    Okay, so I'm lazy. Or just too busy at the moment doing other stuff. Who knows?Anyway, I have managed to find some old (ca 1988 or so...) pics of some of my ealry efforts. As soon as I can get scanner time, I'll get them posted. Then let the criticism begin!I really need to get a digital camera. Film is great, especially when I break out the macro lenses, but I never seem to get the films developed. Thus the box containing some 65 or so rolls of film. Who knows _what_ is on them...The cold has finally ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. Day (of the dead) Tripper

  8. The Chaos Divide 11

    Ok for a long overdue update on my wip i managed to finish painting a squad of tsons marines and another terminator (which i haven't shown). I think individually im happy with the quality of the painting in general but as a unit they do look nice together, especially since they will be used for tabletop gaming. I've spent the last couple days putting together some khorne beserkers so that i can mix up the colour palette im painting since it can get a bit boring when you're army building. I know ...
  9. Galeria actualizada

    Hace tiempo que no actualizo nada, esto va a temporadas. Ahora parece que vuelvo a retomar un poco mas el hobby, y por el momento he actualizado el "Album de fotos" con dos nuevas imagenes.Una figura y un diorama, ambos ambientados en ESDLA, participantes del concurso "MATHOM 2008" ( y haciendo podio en cada categoria.No son nada del otro mundo, mas bien con un nivel mas bajo, pero como siempre... han servido de banco de pruebas jejeje. El la figura ...
  10. Marauders + paint = progress

    It's nice to go from that, to this in a single sitting.In a strange turn of events, I used white primer for the first time in ages, and then proceeded to paint a very dark and gritty model using the new Citadel Washes. The recipe for the model was simple. Basecoat. Apply a few washes. Reapply basecoat. Apply some final washes. Varnish and photograph.I'm really excited about how the army will look, and it should be pretty realistic to expect to have it all done in 6 weeks. My current schedule is ...

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