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  1. more amazons: all greek to me

    The Cult of Athena's standard:

    The greek on the standard is from the ~7th centrury BCE 'Homeric' Hymns. . . it reads:
    "Of Pallas Athena, Guardian of the City, I begin to sing. Dread is she, and with Ares she loves deeds of battle, the taking of cities and the clamour and the conflict."
  2. Paso a paso hortack 2

    Bueno, una vez limpia la mini, la colocamos en una peana y, en este caso, le expandimos un poco la peana con un poco de milliput estandard grey, de tal forma que me ha quedado asi: El siguiente paso es imprimar la figura. En mi caso, yo la he imprimado con blanco, de la marca tamiya, de las mejores imprimaciones que hay en mercado actualmente. En este paso he empezado la capa base de la piel: En esta foto he empezado a subir las luces a la cara, y le he metido una sombra tambien. La iluminacion ...
  3. Amazon Champion

  4. The Naked and the !Dead

  5. Observations...

    Kids are growing and as a part of the process they become interested in certain questions… Yesterday, my son, who is 11 had a discussion with a friend of his (also 11) concerning the existence of God. I will refrain from the exact content but something really caught my attention…At some point he asked the guy whether he read the Bible. His friend immediately became very evasive but eventually was pressed into admitting that he did not, never have… but, he said, “my priest ...
  6. New minis in my Gallery

    ProwlerNelphaelRed Lioness for your comments and critics
  7. Paso a paso Hortack, andrea 54mm

    Muy buenas a todos!Voy a empezar este blog por la puerta grande, como suele decirse. Y para ello lo voy a inaugurar con un prceso de mi primer 54mm, Hortack cuervo negro de andrea, una mini que me ha encantado desde un principio, y que por fin pude comprar en reyes.La mini en cuestion es esta, como casi todos sabreis:Como en todo proceso, lo primero es la limpieza de la mini. Estas son las principales herramientas con la que hecho esto (limar, quitar lineas de molde, etc)En esta foto se puede apreciar ...
  8. amazons finished

  9. Define "productivity" ...

    Productivity is a tricky word to define sometimes. Tonight, for example, I got this much work done on my Wardancer Noble before I got finished the first page of a term paper in Comparative Literature.I still have a lot of work to do on the paper, so I won't dwell on the definition of productivity for too long... surely there's some wiggle room to accomodate the important things in life, like Wood Elves?
  10. let them have boobs

    Since the boob related posts are obviosuly the most popular, and in demand, I give you The Warrior Cult of Athena. The whole unit, and first a clost up of the HQ: (more later)

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