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  1. Me & miniatures painting.

    So, I'm adout six month in WH40k. And I think, I'm still a newbie in this hobby,coz it's still uneasy to highlight some parts of miniatures.I'm collecting the fourth company of Ultramarines.I've got a Forge World pre-Heresy Mk4 armour, so I decided to make a sergeant for my tactical sqad.I took some bits from Spacemarine Commander and Ultramarines shoulderpads. Also I took one part of captains standart from Assault on Black Reach. So,that's how he looked before the painting- ...
  2. Thundertusk WIP

  3. me =)

    Hi My name is Didier Myfor so I sculpt since 2011 for my brand Kaha miniatures I actually sculpt for a personal tabletop game project named Oroko Rise of the rainbow creatures usually 32 mm scale commission pen hope you will like it cheers
  4. Online School Grants

    The growth and popularity of online education is beyond belief as more and more School Grants students find this very convenient way of getting a good education and improving their career options without having to leave their jobs and being there for their family is becoming more and more appealing. Online education is more attractive than going to a traditional one though where the cost is concerned; it is not as cheap as one would think! Contrary to what most people think, online programs cost ...
  5. learned poppy coach

    Shengen learned of the incident, objurgate Cheng Feng. Cheng Feng belligerent resulting Cheng Shengen heart attack in a hospital. Instead of Cheng Feng Cheng Shengen company business real hard experience the father 's, started to gradually understand the father. Board of Directors is not approved Cheng Feng, him as a Playboy, the Coach Ashley Satchel Cheng Feng's work difficult. Chen Li still (5) Wu Di in nightclubs came across a woman left a deep impression on him, and later learned that the woman ...
  6. Welcome to STUDIOLEVEL

    Unique Polish brand manufacturing professional, 100% original, scratchbuilt and painted scenery and terrains for wargames. Apart from that, we offer a variety of interesting accessories You will find useful playing you favourite battlegame system, and much more. Welcome to our world...

    First, we invite You to our PORTFOLIO and other profiles:

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  7. Legends of the High Seas!

    Well my newest project is, as the title says, all about Pirates. I bought the all new Warhammer Historical supplement Legends of the High Seas from the excellent Wargames Illustrated online store and started building crews for all 3 factions using my favourite medium: 1:72 plastics. I'll update some pictures into my album and will keep you posted! Cheers Sander
  8. Greetings,

    Welcome to MuhnayMedia.

     I am a novice miniature painter, long time gamer.  I plan to post my progress on my miniature painters, and talking about my method and style.. and get tips from my readers on how I can improve. I have also been a long time gamer, always drawn to tabletop games. I am not a huge fan of Games WorkShop rules, and constant changes just to get more money from its player base.

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