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  1. Today is Friday! Guess what thatt means?!

    You probably didn't guess , and I can't be arsed telling you.Today is a good day in the world of Office engineering! I made an astounding breakthrough in Papyrus Aeroplane engineering! The maiden flight set down nicely at the opposite end of the office after a favourable flight with sunshine and mild westerly winds.I decided only then to name it and colour it in, this one is obviously destined for greater things! Begone nameless cration! Arise "Sexiest plane mich has ever made, ever, MKII". ...
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  2. Welcome Message

    Thanks for clicking on my blog.  This is the first time I have ever blogged.  I will endeavor to make this something fun to read.  I would like to start with the 3 categories I have listed, News-type items, General garbage, and Religion.  Favorite topics may get added as I go along. Contact me if you have suggestions.  This looks like a good place to put all my"crackpot" ideas.  Yay.  It's like My Own Personal Space...yeah, maybe I'll call it MySpace ...
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  3. I havn't lost the spreadsheets! Iv'e gained a new hat!

    And what a fetching titfer it is too! A3 makes the most fantastic hats, unfortunatly my choice of colour is somewhat lacking. I might have piped for Luminecent marker, but its all a bit 80's really isn't it?! I hated the bloody 80's, when I was growing up in all the pictures I have i'm either wearing hideous clothes or i'm completely ass nekkid! That can't make for very healthy development....Point in case. I did , however, at one point own an amazing pair of beige and brown Y-Fronts! thats the ...
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