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  1. Moving!

    Hello,I know my update schedule is.. umm... dreadful. However, there is plenty left to do, except I am moving to Dundee early September to do a Masters there. As such, everything is packed up, and there will be no modelling or painting done until mid-to-late September. See you later!
  2. Grey Knight WIP

    My attempt to do a miniature in NMM. I have never tried NMM and I am relatively new to painting. I am going to try to do a step by step progress of my work. Hopefully I cam go slow enought to show each step I have done and photograph it before I start the next step. My inspiration for my work comes from Wappellious. He and his wife are fantastic artists from the Chicago area. I have taken classes from them at Adepticon.
  3. Blight Drone WIP

    I started to work on the blight drone and I hope that it will not be another year-long project. Fortunately at the moment I have no painting commitments and as usually I am willing to experiment.  Here, I figured that I don't want to make carapace traditionally nurgly pale green but rather try an unadorned and seriously corroded copper or bronze. Both have the same patter of corrosion, although copper is more spectacular. In my later entries I might post sort of tutorial of how it was ...
  4. Batch Painting...

    Well, I've started mu first ever batch painting today. Before, I've always painted one mini at a time, working all the way through, getting everything done, before starting on the next one.     But today I started on the last four Rackham Orc Brutes from a box set. I painted the first three a while ago, and thought I'd try to work my way through these four, before the new blisters come from eBay. I won a blister of Orc Brutes and Törk the Animal, a few days ago. I can hardly ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. My Pathfinders

    As my Wood Eldar army are completely converted and almost primitive and bow-themed, I took for my main troops to the upgraded rangers, aka the Pathfinders.I used Wood Elf models as the base, mixed with Eldar Guardians. The torso and legs were cut at all the joints and then pinned with bent wire to put them in the correct positions. Then wood-elf heads with hoods, plus cloaks and arms were added to the models. I added a small power cable from the armlet to the bow to add an element of technology ...
  6. Age of reckoning limited warboss- Grumlok and Gazbag

    After mucho delays I finished this guy. I am using unfamiliar camera so pardon my quality. One rather obvious problem is a lot of noise - all these small white dots all over the place - they did not come from the miniature.  Comments, questions and opinions are always appreciated
  7. Games Workshop Web Site Revamping

    Yesterday, in my local GW after I complained a lot about delayed Toronto GD coverage one of the employees mentioned that GW website undergoes substantial revamping and that the new incarnation will be essentially, well, "new". How new I don't know but he even mentioned a promotional campaign that GW will be starting soon.He even mentioned special T-shirts . I hope it will be better and more user-friendly that the current techno-monstrosity, although at this point I almost got used to ...
  8. Mniature :)

    For the last three weeks I didn't paint anything at all, my work got into that phase where I had to spend all available time between writing and training our summer student (this is separate piece of work but I'd rather not go there to avoid early Ulcer .Around 4th of July I figured that mind is a terrible thing to lose and if I have to write something I can as well do it in a more calm environment then NYC, so I went upstate and spend two days there pretending to be writing (did too, really really). ...
  9. Obscuras Daemons - Warhammer 40k Army List

    I know that this Blog is under Painting/Modelling, however I am going to go off-topic again just to add in my current 1,500 point army list for 40k. As I have a terrible memory, I like to have everything written down and the rules set out after my army list, for that time I get Aura of Acquiescence mixed up with Transfixing Gaze (like the last time I played :P) or can't remember what Furious Charge does again.Warning: This is long.------DAEMONS OF OBSCURAS ARMY LIST

    Keeper of ...
  10. The To Do List

    Partly for my own reference, and for anyone who reads this to look forward to, a short list of things that I need to finish doing on my Obscuras Daemons army. I will write up a similar list for Wood Eldar sometime. The side-projects can go hang until I get really bored .Get the last few models that I need for my army: 1 Screamer, 1 Seeker of Slaanesh and 2 Horrors.Funnily enough, I managed to get a single Seeker, who have been as rare as gold recently (and going at similar prices), and a ...

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