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  1. Studio of Art - Tysca

  2. Prince Elthran

    Hi All!
    I wanna show you my first "showcase" model! Prince Elthran!
    I hope you like it, and dont forget that all critics are welcome.

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  3. TERRAIN My first vid blog of how to do cheap terrain and overview some of my work...

    Check out this please:

    Ok the vid quality chews at some points but it doth givith the main idea. Terrain can be cheap like borscht and easy. IMHO if you add in some bought elements with the home made you mix things up so that the observer cannot get fixed one one thing and give your secrets away. Their imagination fills in the gaps and they don't get sick of the one idea. E.g/ all GW buildings, all cardboard, all plastic, all foam- etc... Mix it ...

    Updated 03-17-2013 at 02:26 PM by praetorian0 1 (organize)

    Painting and Modelling , Tabletop Gaming , Other
  4. Scratchbuilt Walker

    Hello, I am now to the website and plan on taking full advantage of all of the knowledge that is generously offered up here, as well as share a few things that I am currently working on.
    A couple of months ago, I was getting really tired of looking at the same old pile of spare model kit parts, and other useless junk that I had lying around, so, I decided to create a scratch build from it all. I had bits of a Sherman tank that I had constructed (and destructed) in my childhood, parts from ...
  5. Post 5: Painting and assembling the flyer

    Post 5: Painting and assembling the flyer

    I undecorated the wings black and the chassis/cockpit cover whatever you would call it white.
    I then used a sepia
    wash in an air gun to create nice blend of colour on the white section. The wash used was thinned down and applied sparingly so that the overall effect was a bone colour. I then used a less thinned wash to create a colour gradient, getting darker to the outer sections.

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  6. Eye tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    How about this, I am going to make a tutorial!

    Had a few questions lately about how I make such pretty eyes, so decided to try and put a tut together, might be fun.
    Do remember, my camera is crap, and also, I chose a horrible mini for this, as it is absolutely tiny!(around 18mm o.O)

    Ihe pics shift colours throughout the tut, thats because the light in my room changed as the sun went down, aswell as a little bit of editing to make the process of painting the
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  7. bit of this and that

    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    Now. those pics were horrible. but i hope it still makes sence. as the mini got further, i liked it more. check it out with proper hair and stuff.Name:  IMG_1300.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1299.jpg
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  8. bit of this and that

    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    Havnt written anything here for a while, so decided to do a wee tutorial. Dont know if there is still interest for it, but got questions a while ago about high contrast skin for dark elves/vampires. So here goes nothing:

    first stage is a basecoat of equal parts liche purple, black and vallejo old rose.

    next, i simply add some more old rose, along with some gw astronomican gray in layers, building up til the result looks like this:
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  9. Inquisitorial Henchmen ARMY LIST >:D


    Coteaz - 100pts

    Inquisitor (Xenos) - 93pts
    power armor - 8pts
    Rad grenades - 15pts
    Psychotroke grenades - 15pts
    Psyker - 30pts


    Vindicare assassin - 145pts

    Venerable dreadnought - 195 pts
    Twin linked autocannon - 10pts
    Twin linked autocannon - 5pts
    Psybolt ammunition - 5pts

    Techmarine - 110pts
    conversion beamer - 20pts

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