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  1. Marines

    <p>Still working on my plague marine. Seems like its been a life time. No, really. I strarted the base coats of the greens and the metal back in the mid 90's. It wasn't until I saw the model Todd Swanson had done that I began puting two &amp; two together.</p>
    <p>Even then it's still taken me forever to act upon it.</p>
    <p><img src="" border="0" alt="New Plague Front View.jpg" ...
  2. ReaperCon: Hard at it

    I'm still plugging along on my entries for ReaperCon.  As of today I have one that will be totally ready.  I would have had another one finished but I dropped him as I was spraying the finish and his arm came loose so I had to fill the seam with milliput and need to repaint.  I have another one that's near completion.  Tried my first attempt at lining with him, what I learned is that it is better to line before you perfect the paining (my bad).  Needless to ...
  3. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 04

    For some reason i missed the chain on his back, and so i painted it up last night. Here are some pics of the model with painted chain lol , i tried to brighten up the squig a little but my blood red is unusable so i ended up using the base colour red with bleach bone highlights and then glazing over with red again to bring it back in.


  4. My cherry......Hello World

    <p>Well, I've done it! This is my first blog (pronounced BLOOOoooogga).</p>
    <p>I'll miss my cherry. I can never go back. I can never again&nbsp;say I've never done it.&nbsp; Oh well, I guess you got to grow up sooner or later.</p>
    <p>Now, will I continue to follow up with this? I don't know, it would take a commitment that I'm sure I'm not prepared to make. Also I never know what it is that will come out of my mouth. I'm sure I'm going to offend ...
  5. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 03

    So here is my first completed ork they are very fun to paint. Got a couple of other things to paint and then onto the next guy. I should find a suitable name for him too, since this is a pirate crew.

  6. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 02

    Yarr mateys, so i managed to do some more work on the mini. The progress is good so far and the look and feel of the mini is how i want it to be, which is great. Spent alot of time on the details this time around and lets i hope i can keep this up with the whole crew.

  7. DoW new pix!

  8. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 01

    Ok not posted on my blog for a long time, so time for amends. Im a huge fan of pirates .. ok im obssessed, they are just too cool. So as part of a little event on Chest of Colors forum, i joined in the Tale of ? Gamers and started up a little project to do whilst i finish other armies.
    When maxmini released the ork pirate heads i instantly knew i wanted some ork pirates, but what for? I had been thinking about getting a proper necromunda gang painted up and useable with my friends when i ...
  9. Sing and drink a beer!

    Dwarves of Kharzag
    Grab yer best axe
    put yer armour
    on yer broad backs
    gird yer belt
    and get ye ready
    for to face the foe!
    Pointies or green skinners
    never will be winners
    against the shields
    that guard the fields
    where Dwarven men and women
    eat their dinners
    Swing yer hammer
    in strong manner
    brothers knee to knee
    we’ll never stammer
    by beard and blood
    we’ll raise our banner ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Week 15: Ghouls out for summer

    The sun has well and truely arrived in Exeter and to mark the event I have now passed 50 ghouls painted.

    These bad boys are starting to look pretty good on masse, even if I do say so myself..

    Another 15 painted this week, including a Crpt ghoul ghast.

    The Crypt ghoul ghast has been converted up using the body of an Empire Flagulent. I think that I have lent the head too far back, but apart from that I ...

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