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  1. Almost done Alter Noble

    Like the title says, I'm almost done with this guy. Just have to do the horns, forearms and the vine on the scythe really. The horns will be bone, with all the swirly runes being teal-white like on the shield. I think it'll look groovy. The runes will take forever though.  
  2. Mmm, primer fumes.

      The nice thing about having the big scythe on the Alter is that I can BS it to represent anything I want. Hand weapon, spear, or great weapon :-) It'll likely be a great weapon most of the time, and the shield simply as added protection against spells/arrows. 
  3. Eldar Autarch Highly Converted AUCTION

    New auction this week. EBAY LINK CMON LINK

    Converted by Ivan Santurio some time ago :-D
    thanks for Thomas David and all his inspirative work :-D
    Comments are always more than welcome guys!!!! see ya!
  4. Eeeep... _Other_ hobbies?

    Yeah, I know. Other hobbies, yeuch. But, see, the trouble with miniature painting is that it's a very static hobby; I need to be at home, with loads of stuff at my disposal and enough time to make it worthwhile (I know there are painters who manage to work in very short sessions - while traveling by train or plane even - and using no more than the basic colours and a spare plastic cap as a palette. More power to them, I say, but I really can't be arsed to do that.)So while on the bus, or when I ...
  5. Hey, lookie... new blog!

    Uhm, hi. Thanks for visiting. As you can see, there's not much in here right now, but hopefully this blog will turn into a warm, cozy place. In the meanwhile, please sit down and have a cookie!
  6. WIP Big Mek - Shokk Gun

    Started work on my Big Mek with the Shokk Attack Gun finally. This is a giant model. I think the only ork model bigger is Gaz. Very detailed as always and a pleasure to paint. The head and body are done with one week till tournameny to finish him up along with 5 shootas to fill out my points.Here he is in size comparison to the rest of my bigger/special models for color/detial reference. He's a biggie! 
  7. No sleep for the ... me

    Yep. I'm a dumbass. When I get good ideas for conversions after midnight, I don't shelf the idea and come back to it at a reasonable hour. No, sir.So aside from a bit of gap filling and pinning, I now have a built Glamorweaver on Unicorn for my Wood Elf army. I bet you can imagine how fun it was removing 2/3 of the Fay Enchantress from her mount, and removing the bottom half of the floating Mage without wrecking her dress. I think I coated my entire room in pewter/resin dust by the time I was done... ...
  8. The last of the redshirts

  9. The Queen's Own . . .

    I've been lacking updates lately, so here's a shot of the colonial troops:

  10. Priest of Sigmar AUCTION


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