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  1. A valentine Vampire (ish)

     To mark valentines day I give you a vampire with a couple of hearts on his cloak. Ok, its a half hearted effort, but it was the best I couple think up and it fits in with the remainder of the VC army. His flesh was built up from Graveyard Earth to Bleached bone in an attempt to make it look more undead, but I added a bit of red to his cheeks and I think I have lost the effect.He was floating above the gravestone in an attempt to make him rabk up and to simulate his move 9 thanks to his Talisman ...
  2. Week 6: A slight diversion

    This week I believed that I needed to paint a few empire figures to get an army ready for GT. I had six swordsmen, five halberdiers and a priest of sigma. I have been painting the army for 7 or 8 years now, but I always need to add a figure here or there to round off a unit to an appropriate size.
    The centre figure here is a significant adaptation of the newer swordsman sprue.

    The other figures date back to the last edition of the empire figures. Whilst these are ...
  3. New Camera, old figures

    I have treated myself and brought a new camera. I got myself a Canon EOS 1000D (rebel if you are American). Great fun and so very much easier than borrowing the work camera. To celerbrate this I hove photographed some old but favourite figures. These were painted three and a half years ago and used a lot of brass etched leaves and green stuff.Enjoy if you like those things. 
  4. Mordor Siege Bow

    I made this small diorama about a month ago. I focused on painting and background leaving minis just as they came in the box. It was a pleasure to deal with Mordor Siege Bow, though I guess, wariors of Minas Tirith won't think so    
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  5. Battle Report: Space Wolves VS Eldar

    Me and my brother "pate" have recantly played our first battle with my Space Wolves facing his Eldar. At first I thought i would be chancles against his Wraith Lord but thx to my Scouts holding it occupied in close combat i didnt have to worriy about it for several rounds and could concentrate against the rest of his army. Even thou i lost my Dreadnought early, a few of my Grey Hunters could elimanate all his guardians on their own.
    My Heavy Devestator played a major role of my success ...
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  6. Fiends Conversion

    Considering doing a new daemons of Obscuras conversion, this time for the Fiends, so I can have a valid army list for normal Warhammer 40k!The Fiends are quick and lethal with rending attacks. Inspiration struck in the form of the Steed of Slaanesh from the Slaanesh Champion box and the new Ravener's plastic box. By these powers combined, I give you a quick Photoshop of what the resulting models would look like, with suitable change of colour scheme.Daemonette bodies, Ravener (Tyranids) tails. Heavy ...
  7. Week 5: Chaos Marauder Horsemen

    This last week has stretched my ability to speedpaint. You may not consider 5 figures in a week speed painting but for me painting 5 cavalry figures it is. I've previously spent three weeks painting a single infantry figure, so this just feels wrong. I have managed 5 horsemen, but I found it hard work.
    The guys carry the slaanesh mark and so I have tried to give them a more luxurious and self indulgence combination of colours. I choose to go for a lilac and beige combination. I also ...
  8. Whisper (Daemonettes on Steeds of Slaanesh) Bases

    Well, some of the Whispers have been based and finished, ready for base-coating, so here they are. I went for a rubble and destroyed urban feel for the bases. I recently ordered some of the new Forge World weathering powders so will probably be using a lot of the concrete dust effects when I paint them.Like a lot of painters, I look at the painting on my older figures and cringe. Unfortunately I don't want to strip these models become they did come out so well at the time. Still unsure, do you think ...
  9. Setting Up a Hobby Space

    Firstly, apologies if this seems a bit rushed, but I finished this article once already and then in the act of posting, Google Chrome ate my post and it vanished into the ether. A couple of days later, now that I’ve stopped fuming, I sit down to rewrite it – hopefully better than ever before! In September I moved to Dundee, moving in with my boyfriend and getting a nice two-bedroom flat. But we only needed one bedroom, so the other room got turned into a hobby room. Setting up a dedicated ...
  10. Week 4: I finish a unit of crypt ghouls!

    Week four has come to an end and I've just about managed to complete my first unit of Crpyt ghouls.

    I have not yet assembled a ghast, but that will come how I've decided I want to model the blighter. I've been playing with ideas around some of the old Mordheim figures, or following Games Workshops lead and converting up a empire flagellant. I have a few from my empire army.

    I have tried to combine a few on this base to make casualty removal a bit easier. The rock ...

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