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  1. Still not dead (yet)

    It's funny how often I make posts of this nature, but no worries boys and girls I'm still around :-)Haven't been doing too much painting lately, or gaming for that matter. I'm working (slowly) on my classic Dwarf army, trying to get them all build and primed so I don't feel like quite as much of a hobo when I play small games with them. The current list involves about 2x10 Quarrellers, 20 Ironbreakers, and a smattering of war machines and small support units.I'm currently still trying to get my ...
  2. Moving!

    Hello,I know my update schedule is.. umm... dreadful. However, there is plenty left to do, except I am moving to Dundee early September to do a Masters there. As such, everything is packed up, and there will be no modelling or painting done until mid-to-late September. See you later!
  3. The New Frontier!

    I will no longer be blogging on the archaic and annoying coolminiornot system.

    I have moved the blog to via which is far more user friendly.

    I'll miss the random comments I got from people who saw my posts via the CMON sidebar, but if you've ever enjoyed looking at my stuff, why not come along and subscribe to the RSS feed at new place?

    I'll still be posting finished work to my cmon gallery, but current project ...
  4. Where it all began.

    Actually, it all began with painting green plastic army men with my Testors model paints. Then the viking game pieces from Crossbows and Catapults. Then I bought the 30 MK7 marines box. Thats where this whole thing really started for me. I had some craft paints, and after paging through a friend's copy of Rogue Trader I decided the dark angels looked cool. A trip down to the basement turned up the pieces; I had to glue him back together for this shot:
  5. Equinoxical

    Round the horn! Here's to the demise of winter for one more year. To celebrate, I finished the Elf on Stag. Well actually that was finished because the recipient's birthday is this week, so it seemed timely to get it wrapped up. Proper pictures will follow tonight. My Empire forces got to trot out to a lopside (1100 vs 1400) battle this weekend and snatched a victory from the Dogs of War in our fledgling campaign. No newly painted units were fielded for either army, though my Rebellion archers ...
  6. Willkommen auf meinem Blog

    O.K. dieser Blog ist derzeitig noch im Aufbau. Aber das wird schon noch.
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  7. Black Hats

    So now that I got the hats straightened out, I was able to get some final photos of Marshal Ney and staff.
    (also votable)

  8. "By our deeds we are known" -28th G.I.R.

    MadPonies Charity Auction:

    28th Gloucester Regiment Officer - 1916
    28th Gloucester Regiment Officer - 1805.

  9. I Need a Bit of help. . .

    Hey all It's the Baron here, and i need your help.At the moment I'm having trouble taking Photos of my models. They either come out blurry, to dark or to light so I need a bit of help to get them looking the way they intended. So drop me a tip or tutorial on how all of you get such great photos.Cheers Baron
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  10. Mi mejor mini ¿?

    Eso dicen las estadisticas en coolmini aunque realmente es más bien un complemento para alguna escena. En fin,  para gustos, los colores. Yo solo se que me diverti mucho con mi novio haciendolo (la idea fue a medias) y pintandolo, mi mano fue la mano ejecutora.
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