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  1. The return of Commander Taco

    I know, I know, I'm supposed to be working on the elf. I've been a complete spaz since we've moved and haven't really settled into a consistent project groove yet. I started these French staff officers before the move, and I just realized I was really almost done with them, so why not finish them off. The chance to have something completed was too strong, I had to take it. Now all I need is for the putty to dry, and they'll be on their way out the door shortly there after.

  2. Making a comeback?

    This isn't as easy as I remember it. I put my first minis in about 17 years on the site today, and they turned out okay. Not nearly as detailed as I remember. I underestimated the necessity of a primer and didn't get it thick enough. The acrylic paint is a completely different consistancy for me to work with, and when I mix small amounts I have to hurry to get the paint on the mini  before it dries. I think next paycheck I will have to invest in some inks and some more colors than ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. Khorne Warriors

    Here's my first regiment of Chaos Warriors.I tried to go for an alternative look, with bronze armour instead of the traditional red. Don't know if it's the light or what it is that makes the armour look like the same color as their boots. The armour however is a base of Valejo's black and brazen bronze, highlighted with brazen bronze and bright bronze, and washed with GW:s devlan mud. The boots are Beastial brown, washed with devlan mud.
    Here's a close up of the standard bearer, who's ...
  4. Something New.

    So, here I am, trying to backlog years of painting and forgotten stuff. I thought I'd make a timejump and see what i did two years ago, to compare with the Ogryn from 1992. This is a Cryx Bonejack that I bought almost two years ago. I bought the game, and bought a box of bad ass looking Cryx warjacks. On the box cover they are painted black and metal. I wanted something diffrent, sought out for some inspiration and found it. The bone details are still there. Nowdays i use ...
  5. Old Stuff

    So, i got myself a mini painter blog. I have tons of stuff stuffed away. I figure i have to do some sort of back log and show some of it. Currently i have a VC aemy for WHFB, I have some random minis for Warmachine and Confrontation and most likely there will be some more stuff wwhen i get around to it. Now, for todays showing. I have decided to show one of the very first minis i ever painted. It's an old WH40K Ogryn with a rippergun. Which apparently means i have to upload it to my photobucket ...
  6. Pedro Kantor WIP

    So I have decided that painting is an important part of my hobby. There are so many beautiful models for other armies and races that I definitely want to give my hand at. Pedro Kantor was definitely one of those models, but i also wanted him to blend with my army.I decided to paint him in my scheme with hints of his old chapter, haha. I guess they can be converts. My next piece is going to possibly be a Spaces Wolves Rune Priest, and some Fantasy Dwarves. Here is an early version of my model ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. First Minis

    I figured it would be best to post the first minis i have ever painted which i received as a Christmas gift in the Assault  on Black Reach box set. after searching around for color schemes, and becoming very sick of blue marines, i was drawn to the contrast of the yellow and black of the chapter: Scythes of the Emperor.        
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. Hello World

    Hello everyone, well actually more like whoever wants to read this, hope you enjoy your visit to my little ol' blog. I am very new to the whole world of Tabletop gaming and miniatures, but have been completely hooked since i first set eyes on them. The deciding factor for me to take a dabble into the 40K universe is without a doubt the process of modeling and painting.I have always been an artistic individual who loved to draw and color for as long as I can remember, literally. My idea of a satisfying ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Apertura del Blog

    Por fin me atrevo abrir mi primer blog, y lo hago sobre una de las aficiones mas antiguas que tengo.

    Desde muy pequeño coleccionaba los típicos soldaditos de plástico de 20mm o escala 1/72, pero nunca se me ocurrió coger unos dados e intentar simular una batalla con esos soldaditos, a raíz de esta afición de pequeño surgió la del modelismo. Y a raíz de esta ultima surgió la de los wargames, con el primer wargame que conocí que fue, como no.. el de WHF cuarta edición ...
    Confrontation , Noticias
  10. First post.

    About 8 months ago a friend of mine asked what i was doing. Nothing execpt painting my Vampire Counts (VC) army, just to kill time - i didn't play at the time. It turned out he also played WHFB and had some minis to spare. So i began playing as well. 
     Now some 8 months later i have decided to go for a Warriors of Chaos army (WoC) after finishing my VC. Well, i'm almost done with the VC, still have 10 dead boring skeleton warriors to asemble and paint... Anyways, the WoC then. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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