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  1. I'm going to have to have my dog put too sleep today

    Didn't want to take up board space with this but have to talk about it somewhere.  Spirit is 15 and has been with the family since she was 6 weeks old.  She is named after a charecer of a friends who died on the day we got her.  She's the sweetest thing I've ever seen and I'm heart broken.  If you don't see my on the boards for a bit or if I seem a bit off, this is why.
  2. ME13 and Filigree

    Well Mini Exchange 13 has arrived and its my first.  I suppose I technically should have been flagged, but I am pretty active on the forums so I guess that was overlooked (and is appreciated).  But… I drew a flagged guy who shall remain nameless.  I hope he is legit, as I really don’t want anyone to get skipped.  Unfortunately, he has only one post (his sign up to the ME) and no posted pics, though I only have 2 ATM myself.  I could add more but I don’t ...
  3. New WIP Album - large fortress

    Just added new WIP album with pictures of a large fortress that I am slowly building. Comments are more then welcome. I got to admit this is my first project on THAT scale and I am building it slower then I would want to but it is getting can see it here 
  4. Signs

    Somethings leave me speachless - this is one of those - 
  5. domestic animals and progress of modern science

    Time to continue my pseudo-scientific pseudo-humor category. Scientists are (usually) very polite people. So, it is not uncommon to find in the end of most scientific papers the section with acknowledgements. In this section people: 1)      Express their deepest and most profound gratitude to funding agencies that so graciously dispensed money (so we can satisfy our curiosity for their expense) 2)      Praise esteemed colleagues who provided ...
  6. Another day is done -

    Well, another one in the record books.  Spent most of my day arguing with people who have more money than sense.  If you can't operate a computer (I just aint that computer savvy) why the hell would you buy a $400 cell phone that is run by Windows?  And why would you call your cell phone manufacturer for support with Microsoft Outlook? Finally why would you think I'm going to give you the support you need with Outlook when I've explained my support limits four times and you're threatening ...
  7. Nurgle Terminator "Hammerfist"

    I've finished the sculpting on my first Chaos model, a Nurgle terminator that I've nicknamed "Hammerfist".  I've taken WIP shots and when I upload them tonight, you'll see why.  Also being uploaded tonight, is a gallery of all my work thus far.  Pardon the mediocre photography, but the closest to a lighting setup I had was duct taping flashlights to a dresser.  They'll be up between 9:30 and 10:30, at the latest.  Feel free to comment, as they'll be up on CMON ...
  8. Army List

    Well, my Imperial Guard army, the Kandran 1st, is finally nearing decent progress.  I've begun work on the revised army list, which I'll post as soon as it's finished.  I have already chosen the doctrines:1.  Carapace Armor, because 4+ is better than 5+,2.  Priests, just look at the fanatical rule,3.  Heavy Weapon Platoons, because heavy bolters kick butt,4.  Techpriests, for armor support,5.  Storm Troopers, because of their ability to get right in the ...
  9. NMM is kicking my butt

    I love the way its working so far but my god, its work intensive.  I am a slow painter anyway but dayum.  The worst part is I am looking at the models I have primed or in some form of WIP, and wow, I need to stop assembling and start painting.  I have something like 2500 (possibly more) points of black templars in various states of primage and paintage.  This of course doesnt count anything I haven't assembled yet, though they may go to my Imperial Torches chapter that goes ...
  10. Got my camera back

    Here is my attempt at tyranids. Some more or less random Zoanthrop

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