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  1. 20120829

    got out the airbrush last night and threw down some base colors on the trees and dirz wyrm. Hope to get some inking, shading, and highlighting started on the wyrm tonight. Or finish those acolytes.
  2. Poor impulse control

    Like most gamer folks, I seem to have a short attention span. Last night, I think, was exceptional. Over the course of two hours, I:

    rearranged my airbrush space and moved some Warmachine Merc jacks there to be painted (but didn't paint them)
    unboxed, cleaned up, and assembled my new Dirz Wyrm
    painted on a pair of Wyrd December Acolytes
    helped my wife scale up a dress pattern to fit one of the kids
    twisted branches on a dozen woodland scenic trees and ...
  3. Coming soon!!!

    I'll be updating this space with pictures of events, promotions and awesome things for The Legion!
  4. Duel coming together

    Here be updates!

    I have completed the bulk of the farseer and added the components together.

    The green band on the staff arm is GS to fill in where i joined the staff, it will be painted red to match the cloth\armour.

    Few bits n bobs to finish on him like shading and some colour on the trinkets etc.

    The next step was the lightning, this was made with medium and fine fuse wire, formed individually for the little branches, around a sphere ...
  5. The Dead Marshes

  6. New Website

    Hi all,
    Just finished building my website:
    I consider all CMON members peers and so would love you to visit, give me constructive critisism and some support.
    Thanks, Nick
  7. skullmininfig

    planing a 24 hour painting challenge this week
    check out my blog page

    Updated 08-25-2012 at 07:39 PM by skull

    Tabletop Gaming , Warhammer Fantasy , Warhammer 40K , Other , Painting and Modelling
  8. Eldar afoot

    Well i am working away on the other half of the duel, the farseer.

    I have gone for a predominantly red scheme to give a good sense of two opposing forces.

    Hopefully it will stand out a bit.

    This is what i have so far:

  9. Day 32 to 47 - Getting there...

    Hey everyone, long time no update but I figured with work being as busy as it is right now I'm best off using the time updating this blog on the models. So here is my progress so far...

    I've attached most of the shoulders with blue tac so you guys can see what they're going to look like, I've pretty much completely finished the Dark Templar (Who would of thought he'd be the first done right?), I've even completely attached his shoulders, I just need to greenstuff the join of his wrist ...
  10. MY Blog - follow this link

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