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  1. wanting something more.

    Lots of small things have happened since I last posted.The first is that i realised I needed a more perminant workspace.Before it was a case of using whatever space was not needed at the time around the house.This caused my bits to become rather scattered.Lighting is another thing that crossed my mind so I purchased two day light bulbs.Pity that finding a lamp suitable for them did not cross my mind at all.So now I have two daylight bulbs and no lamps.Still they throw better light around the room ...
  2. Space Hulk: Deathwing style!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm Blade View Post
    It's time once again to appease the non-stop requests for updates and give the masses what they want! LOL! :P
    Here is the latest Space Hulk base:


    My name is Luis Alberto Cayo and I am a visual effects artist that would like to transition to the world of miniatures. I’m excited to introduce you to our new line of miniatures “Kaeyous”. Heavily inspired by the works of Frazetta, Druillet, Morbius, Bisley and many other Heavy Metal artists. This is a sci-fi post apocalyptic-samurai world where we find wizardry, demons, demi-gods, ancient creatures, forgotten tribes, dragons, and damsels in distress.

    We just put up our ...
  4. My first miniatures in decades.

    My first painted miniatures for many a years.Painted mainly for the gaming table.A small unit of Skaven clan rats.Not to a standard I would of hoped for but it's a start and we all have to start somewhere.
    Name:  skaven 1.JPG
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    Still having much trouble with citadel materials.One big problem seems to be with the paint pot design.I always find paint gets down behind the hinge then dribbles everywhere.I always get plastered with the stuff when I close the lids down.No matter what I try.Many ...
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  5. A time to sort out some paint and brushes.

    The marines and tyranids I mentioned in my earlier blog were my brothers old figures.These came in useful to get a grips on my remaining kit and whatever else I could find laying around at the time.

    With the citadel paints I quickly learned that they had changed the names of them all recently and had introduced many new paints in several waves over the last two years.This was something I did not realise at the time I came to buy more as replacements.The funny thing was when I did come ...
  6. Lost in fantasy...first time in years.

    I suppose its a case of mid life crisis,or just a feeling of something loved and lost which had been evading the air and my very being over the last 6 months or so.For the first time in years I feel compelled to pick up a figure and paint it.There is a bit inside which is like a child wanting to play.It's asking for me to rekindle part of my own childhood from decades ago when d&d ruled the roost,and runequest and warhammer first burst onto the scene.
    Over the years somehow I have obtained ...
  7. Space Hulk: Deathwing style!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm Blade View Post
    Here is the latest addition:

    This base was easier to make but I believe that it has more character
  8. Space Hulk: Deathwing style!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm Blade View Post
    Here is the second base. I have also included pics with DWTs on them to show how they will look during game play.

  9. Painting competitions

    Could some one please point me in the right direction, I'm looking for other painting comps in the uk apart from golden deamon, if any one nos of any I'd appreciate your comments.
  10. Space Hulk: Deathwing style!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm Blade View Post
    Here is my first Space Hulk base. I am thinking that I will be magnatizing it.


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