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  1. Tha Mek Shop

    I'm strating this blog to show the progress of the ork army and the processes that is involed. The main goal is to create a true ork army and make it look like it made out of the scrap pile and bits scravaged off the battlefeild as the law tells us.

    I would like to also like to point out that i may not the best scratched builder or painter by far, but I do like my outcome that i create with this hobby and hope you guy will enjoy the jurney as well, so enjoy.

    Your comments ...
  2. I need a sculptor for hire!!

    Hi there, I wanted to know if anyone still did custom work for hire for sculpting miniatures. Actually, what I am after is a modification on a current one and here is what I am after. I want to take a Reaper miniature mousling figure, specifically the Bard in the Reaper set number 03542. I want to modify this bard figure so that his right arm is not strumming the lute, but is extending his right arm out word and giving the finger (that's right, the bird) to a large creature about ready to kill him. ...
  3. My Blog

  4. new stuff to tghink bout

    well dont even know if enny one read thisstuff or what but hare goes ben do my haloween stuff and my jaket geen jaket back paiting dont know if like it but to lat now its on ther alll i think of whas a space maren going thew a battel fild and its ok you se it on my you tube redgren09 and others thare if do a mini that i think that will get to last 5 or 6 i post hare think of doing a genstiler kaos army got all the stuff and cultes just got to do some tanks fore groop think of re doing 3 ouit 4 ...
  5. My first finished miniatures

    I never painted miniatures, I just was watching people painting them. But one day I was on a modelling show and was walking around. Then a saw a big stand from Wendy's miniatures and they had for the first time some figures from a Polish sculptor and I did like the small resin guys.
    At home I put them together, cleaned all the parts and when everything dried a gave them a primer coat (Vallejo Black Primer). The boxes had no example of how I could paint the figures, so I had to make my own ...
  6. Tutorial: Prepping a metal Miniature

    With so many plastic minis a lot of people new to war gaming rarely see the steps to prepping metal minis. In this video we use Knight Models Joker Red Hood as the subject. He comes in three parts
    so he's perfect.

    Updated 09-17-2016 at 10:10 AM by waylowsworkshop

    Painting and Modelling
  7. its and niow

    well my jaket dun all most might do hazrd stips at botem will have to see will do a vid on the you tube and pic on face book got get FLAT clare spry and go over it think got some down in basment if do i ues that yes if get dirty like whosh it one day i change beten the both you see both on the you tube and fack book not hare to menny TROLLS might get new minis just fore fun malofo got get some reaper ones shud go to reaper look at new stufff this sarter day UUGGGG a mitaty model show this week ...
  8. First Convention Event (Just had to share!) - Sosevere

    I recently had the wonderful opportunity to show off these amazing Cmon games at Strategicon in Los Angeles CA. During this three day Labor Day weekend. I absolutely had a blast. The first day was amazing. I had some players who where very competitive and the game was so much fun. Just having both sides go back and forth was amazing.

    On sunday i had some new timers come in and I actually got 3 outsiders watching convinced and they ran to the dealer room and purchased the game quickly. ...
    Tabletop Gaming
  9. welll more bleek

    just think and thats bad whas rthink and lke do just fore fun a marshen 4ok army but what ues pegasis models have the 1955 marshen war mashen and the 20o8 one walker mantic has mars atacks but you get soesers with it if get the boxs of 36 two of em now the thing if the mantic marshens come with exsra heeds and armes and yes guns with some say milliput or green stuff i get say 64 marshens out of it and get 4 boxes at UUUGGG 53 buck pirr box and 10 war mashens and convert the sorses in to the try ...
  10. the new look of my ork stompa

    well one thow things that hapen to me my ork stopa fell and brock and just whent nuts and seed to my selff just heck with it and hot GLUE IT to gether yes i hot glue back to gether and this change the look a lot be caws i just did not reneber how i put it gether in fist place and we i birnd my self and stuck to it and well humta dumta what HOT GLUEED back to gether and look ok might if have to do some re paint but look ok but thank to hot glue i got back in to kiling mode and slighly reconfigerd ...

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