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  1. Space Orks and Eldar update

    I have done test models on space orks and they can be found from the Gallery. What do you think?
    We also assembled the Battlewagon and 5 Dire avengers. Also we started working on the Wave serpent. More coming...
  2. Progress report DoM4:W.I.P.

    I planned to have finished to sculpting my DoM until this sunday, and started to paint with hiveguard, shrikes and PoM, but failed.
    The reason of why I failed was work without clear image for his limbs.
    Though yes, there was way to sculpt his limbs folding like as ones' of zoanthlopes, I wanna give him more active image from his instinctive behavior predation.

    I think giving him scyzing talon is too exaggerate, but just small claws as like as zoan's is ...
  3. ÖÆ×÷ÈÕ¼Ç01

    ͻȻÏëÒªÒ»¸öÅ®ÐÔÌ«¿ÕÀǵÄÆ å×Ó£¬ÓÚÊǾͿªÊ¼×öÁË£¬²Ýͼ ºÜ¿ì¾Í¾ö¶¨ÁË£¨»Á˺ࣩܶ

    °ÑÏÖÓеĹý³ÌÏàƬÕûÀíÁËÒ»Ï Â£¬¹ý³Ì¼òµ¥¾Í²»½âÊÍÁË

    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Progress report DoM3:W.I.P.

    Hi friends.
    I'd finished to sculpr the head of my  DoM, and started to do its body.

    ...And I thought that site from below is more effective to represent his impact.

    another angle of the DoM.
  5. Rock molds of rubber

    This time, I'm going to talk about my rock pattern decolation on bases as like DoM's one in the notes below.
    "Wow, you are spending times for bases of minis too!"some persons cried I've met in GW hobby centres in japan, but always end with "hm, what a nice tool you use.." with some disapointed tunes if I introduce about this rock mold of rubber from Woodland Scenics.
    Excuse me for disapointing you with this, but this is such a useful tool for make bases of minis to add ...
  6. Introducing my tools.

    Hi, there.
    This time I'm going to try introduce my tools for it was my subscribers request in my country.
    I'm very ashamed on it bacause I'm just a beginner that I started sculpt in these ...
  7. Progress report DoM2: W.I.P.

    Hi, there.
    Finally I brought back my tools and miniatures to my new aportment.So became to be able to restart works for miniatures again.
    There're cases that a side work get more interest than main ones, I've started to sculpt my Doom of Malan'tai first in my play.

    Thanks to Woodland scenics for their nice product rock mold made by rubber, I could camouflage blass wire in his body in Greenstuff rock to assist him stands.

    Though  I intended to build ...
  8. What glue to use?

    I just ran out of glue! Months without doing anything and finally I manage to get a night off and what's the result? I find all my glue bottles dried up....
    Ok so it's time to get some new, any tips on a specific brand? GW glue is quite steep, but it's ok quality.
    I'm looking for Supeglue and Plastic ones.
  9. Eldar and Ork

    Ok we are starting a small 40k armies with our family.
    Our daughter has chosen Eldar and Our son has chosen Orks. Eldar chose battleforce and Orks bought 2 startersets + Battlewagon.
    Stay tuned what's coming
  10. I must say i'm most unimpressed.

    Here I was thinking; "Hey I haven't checked this out in a while! It's about time I had a bit of a rant". Naturally I had no idea what I would rant about, but I like ranting. I found my subject matter when I realised thet "World Domination" is not a valid catagory subject on here.
    This does not stand in good stead with the Republic of Mich, and let it be known his people are not best pleased either!

    General ,

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