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  1. Another Master of the Fleet Update

    Probably the last update for a couple days at least, I'm really getting behind on schoolwork :PRemind me to stop trying to blend colors with Foundation Paints, it's a miserable experience. Orkhide Shade is the nicest green I've seen in ages but it's really painstaking trying to blend with it. The cloaks on these captains will be the death of me.
  2. Master of the Fleet Update

    Hey everybody, I had a second sitting with the Captain today, fairly brief but I think I settled my issues with the color scheme.Blood Ravens characters from the Dawn of War game had a lot of bronze/gold on them and I figured out how I want to do my HQ models now. From the elbow and knees down will be bronze, leaving the core of the model and the shoulder pads pretty much standard. Maybe I'll add a little bit of bronze to the backpacks as well, instead of having them just red and black.The little ...
  3. Stormboy Nob WIP - No Amazons Here...

    I'm sure you folks are getting as bored of the Stormboy Nob as you are of the Amazons. At least the Amazons are naked, right? :-)

    I put in an hour last night and finished some work on the big shoota and the powerklaw. I worked on some different techniques for brass and I'm not quite happy with the effect yet. Close, but not as happy as I am with the steel areas. I'm waiting to finish the small details like the rings in his arm and the chain on the gun until it's glued to the figure. ...
  4. hail

  5. My first post!

    Hi all, i hope you like my blog space, i am basically going to use it as a spring board for conversation, discussion on painting or conversions and anything else that tickles my fancy.I have posted some pics of my most recent work, the dark angels, and i am about to start a WIP log of three Chaos terminators i am converting, it is either going to be a nurgle lord and 2 bodyguards, or 3 seperate Nurgle lords, i am not sure at the moment!Pics to follow tonight once i get home from work.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. Apocalyptic battle

    This is the second (?) apocalyptic battle played in our local GW store. This time our major eldar army was not present so what you see here is a battle of Xenos alliance (Chaos + tyranids + orks) against Imperial Scum. The Xenos alliance was outpointing the Imperials by almost 1000 points , but Imperials had two Bainblades (that proved to be exceptionally useless) and 6 choices of strategic/ tactical assets including minefields (that proved to be useless as well), several versions of bombardments ...
  7. Master of the Fleet

    Back again, got a few hours of painting in today. Also did a lot of cleaning/arranging my desk which is nice... I think I can actually be productive now without so much clutter.Anyway I have pictures of the first model for the Blood Ravens, this guy is one of the new Masters of the Chapter models, the Master of the Fleet to be precise. Hopefully he'll turn out nice, I'm quite fond of the colors I've picked out for the army and I'm anxious to see how they turn out on both command and rank and file ...
  8. just a bunch of girls.

    I really like the way these came out. The rest of the pack are a little more tightpants and boots and stuff.. . so I don't know if the tough style I tried to get on these will work on them . . . we'll see.

    whatdya think of these:
  9. Gun Street Girls

    I originally got these to do as a street gang for a demo-game to be run at Salute next year, however I came up with a different idea that I liked better for that project, so now I have a bunch of Mr. Copplestone's gun toting ladies, in both street and more corporate attire. Not something I would normally paint for my own collection, but they are pretty nice, clean, simple pieces.
    Nothing too absurd aside from the set-piece improbable bosoms.
  10. Time out for NaNoWriMo

    It is November and if my painting skills were reduced by other activities, they will draw to a halt while I write my novel.  I managed to get some more work done yesterday.  This photo is actually two days ago.  I have various browns on the minis and the base for Mr. Octupus Head is done.

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