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  1. A New Orky Toy

    Just returned from vacation and boy am I stoked. One of the things my wife and I like to do while travelig is hitting bargain/junk shops. Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army and other non-brand named second hand stores. She looks for dishes and I look for sci-fi books and toys to loot. Here's my newest find this last week in Duluth (I love Duluth). It'll be Apocalyptic in nature for certain, justhave to figure out what it is capable of. I'll paint it in the next week or two since we've got a game ...
  2. 28mm Inquisitor Eisenhorn by Black Library

    A Commisioned Miniature Not much of a piantjob but the mini itself is pretty rare so I figured I post it anyway. This is 28 mm Inquisitor Eisenhorn published by the Black library in the early ninetieth. Around this time the black library published a series of miniatures of their characters. Only 500 copies of each has ever been cast so, you can imagine they are pretty rare. This one is probably the least common since most people don’t feel like parting with it – it is , after ...
  3. the start

    hello!! this is how it all began lol. from a young age id allways been into anything artistic mostly drawing as pencils are cheap!.i had a fairly normal upbringing on a large council estate called bransholme in the city of hull life plodded on untill 1 day filled with teenage angst and woe i found myself faced with a drug by the name of heroin.coupled with my i dont realy give a f**K attiude and the world hates me mentality i took it.and took it and took it(not a great life stratergy but there ...
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  4. Vrooooom!

    I'm off for a week.

    No painting, no job, not much at all. Just my motorcycle, sunshine, and the twistiest roads between Seattle and Western Montana for the next 6 days.

    Duae Rotae Optimae!
  5. hello? is this thing on?

    Hello? Is this thing on?Okay, so this is a noob's first attempt at making some kind of sense out of this blog thing.I've been painting figures (oops, sorry - they're called minis now) for nearly as long as I've been playing D and D. It was called Chainmail then.  (1975) Yes, it rather dates me, but I don't give a monkey's armpit about opinions on that subject, and it is not up for discussion. (My son says I was there when dirt was a prototype. No, I was on the test team though.)What I will ...
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  6. Cryx 15

    Ok so i've been busy again painting in my free time after a nice brisk jog in the heat last couple days. Im really happy with the way i've painted the arms they match up well with the model. I looked at the model and i wanted some other colours to break up the model a little, so i painted some of the corrugated piping on the model in a blue sort of energy feel to them. I haven't done any OSL on the model yet since im still trying to decide whether i like it or not on these models. I want to add ...
  7. The Guns of Nava-Bone!

  8. Fotos curso pintura Castelldefels

    Hola chicos!Aqui os subo las dos fotos del curso que tengo :-)Espero que os haya sido útil y lo aprobecheis a fondo. Ya sabeis, el curso ha sido como un bocadillo de jamón serrano, yo os doy el bocadillo y ahora os toca a vosotros rumiarlo y comerlo :-) Pero no os atraganteis ;-)De izquierda a derecha: DIDAC, DANI, YO, DAVID (Davanna), DAVID, XOSEY nos falta Ronald que hizo la foto. Saludos a todos desde el norte y ya sabeis, teneis mi telefono y mail de contacto ;-)
  9. boomtime

  10. Cryx Part 14

    Another update, such a hot day but i managed to get some painting done, finished the nmm on the back vents and torso, did the bulk of the dark armour plates above the head and on the shoulders, next step is a very time consuming part where lots of gold nmm all over the armour and then move onto the arms. Anyway enjoy and sorry about the poor picture quality, poor lighting in my room. Total Time: (45 hours)
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