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  1. Rag Tag Fugitive Guncrew

  2. That Awkward Phase

    You know when you decide to grow a beard (for us guys) or let your hair grow long (guys and gals) and you're in that middle stage where it's not long enough or still too short to do anything with and it looks wrong/funny/unfinished/not good/can't see the end product? Yep, that's where I'm at.

    I've been on vacation for the past week and the previous two weeks were uninspiring as far as the battlewagons paint job so I grew frustrated and assembled a bunch of bikes, a truck and a dozen ...
  3. The Man from M.A.D.P.O.N.I.E.S.

    I had a great time with this smooth operator from Mountain Miniatures.

    He's also for sale on ebay presently.

  4. old and rusty, but still shootin'

  5. Cryx Part 10

    Well i had more time to work on my Denny, so i tidied up the purple on her skirt and the skin tones. Then i continued with the NMM grey on her armour and added gold nmm trim to parts of her armour. Im quite happy with the model at the moment, need to add highlights to the blades on her backpack thingy and paint her weapon too. Shouldn't take me too much longer.  
    Total Time (29 hours)
  6. Cryx Part 09

    Ok since im still thinking about this OSL on my defiler, i decided to move onto another model. Deneghra seemed like a nice one to move onto so i wanted to keep her having a dark feel, so i used toned down NMM on the armour plates and i will try and keep that effect throughout the model's armour. The skirt i wanted to it to be a dark colour but also a contrast to the rest of the model. I think it works really well, maybe the blending could be a bit smoother but nothing a nice wash could help. Total ...
  7. Maskald, Uklaud Barbarian

    Hola de nuevo! Esta es la figura con la que estoy ahora. Es de la casa ENIGMA de su serie de 54mm "FirstBorn". De momento está la piel, aunque no del todo porque tendre que retocar mas adelante, pero es mas o menos un acercamiento a lo que seria.Dejo las fotos del proceso        
  8. Cryx Part 08

    Right i repainted all the grey areas, i think its looking alot better. I tried OSL on the base and parts of the legs and im not sure i did well with it, any comments would be greatly appreciated. Im in 2 minds at the moment one is that it doesn't look too bad but the other is saying i shouldn't do this technique until im a bit more sure of it.

  9. Cryx Part 07

    Ok i've had a long day and im so knackered but really happy, i passed my "interview" (or the technical term is viva) today for my PhD so yay im happy. So getting back i wanted to finish my model but i didn't want to rush it either.

    I redid the grating around the feet, i wanted a smoother blending on them and im much happier with the end result. Then i painted the gold on the gun and the skull. Then finished off the gun and as an added effect i tried out some rust effect around ...
  10. Starting to Paint! 7.13.08

    The pre-paint building is complete. The painting of this project will be done by my buddy Sol and myself. Sol started by spraying each area with Citadel Roughcoat. This give the surface a slight texture. It works great on this project because it helps to unify the texture of all the differnt typs of matterials I used. Plus being a Chaos Titan we didnt want it to have perfectly smooth areas. Next the areas are bieng sprayed with black primer. The only paint that has been applied is a liberal drybrush ...

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