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  1. Hmm. New GW washes - more examples

    Since my camera is somewhere in China I have nothing better to do but posting links.Verm1s on the Warseer forums posted the most comprehensive test results for new GW washes I've seen so far. His original posting is here actual image - pretty, but kinda meaningles without his descriptionis here
  2. Welcome

    Welcome to blog Normantis!I will be adding more stuff soon but right now I am just setting up!UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
  3. Allsorts...

    Just read a news story about bra’s that have been created with solar panels and they have enough surface area to power an iPod or mobile phone. I think this is an absolutely top idea, I can’t remember how many times I have left the house and realised that I can’t listen to any music because my iPod is dead.
    And it surely beats listening to whining little shites on the metro.

    I’m also covered in midge bites after spending a long weekend in Keswick. It’s ...
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  4. Paint matching across brands and manufacturers

    Somebody on found an amazing tool out there - a cute little webpage that matches paints from different manufacturers against each other. It has, I don't know how many manufactures... more then 30 for sure, and it matches paints again each other. And here is the link to the site
  5. Ready to prime!

    First off, I just noticed the other day that my blog has quickly become the #2 most visited blog on Coolminiornot. Thanks to everyone who has emailed, commented, and PM'ed me over the last few months. It's great to have people following and supporting my efforts. After a lot of hours cutting, drilling, pinning and gluing I think I'm just about ready to prime the rest of my initial 1000 points or so worth of Sisters of Battle minis. The Exorcist and a handful of older minis are still in various ...
  6. Vlad .WIP.

    Well my first post is a WIP shot of Games Workshops Vlad Von Carstein... ...I'm not sure where to go with the colours of the cloak so any ideas and advice would be very welcome indeed. I'm thinking to go for a very fleshy colour, as apposed to the paler bluey colours you see on Vampires now days, to tie in with the red armour and general 'theme' of the miniature. I might go for the standard hand raising out of the ground infront him? haven't thought much about the base yet though.
  7. The Death Korp of Krieg Commissar - completed

    I finished this guy recently. The idea of the base emerged from discussion on Relic forum. The headpiece of the spirit came from GW's Empire Wizard kit, the rest for sculpted. Thoughts and critics are always appreciated.       
  8. My day.

    It’s been about 2 month since my last blog post, how time flies...

    Had a weird day today. I feel like I have done loads and loads of things, but I haven’t really done that much.
    I can’t even be bothered to send a few emails that I need to send now, I’ll just do it tomorrow. Write this post instead, even though it would probably be better to do it the other way round...priorities and all that.

    Woken up by my dad asking me if I wanted a bacon and ...
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  9. 40k Chaos Warlord Titan Update 5.26.08

    I've done a lot more work on the titan since my last update. I've added more detail to the carapace. I finished the feet. I finished the Vulcan Mega-Bolter. I added more detail to the head. I built the Volcano Cannon.
  10. New GW washes with an example

    I posted this elsewhere but the response was so positive that I decided to post it here This was painted by one of employees in our local GW (Solomon Witt) I only took pictures.

    I am doing it from memory so I may skip a step or two but it went like this. I don't remember the number of drybrushing steps on claws, but the number of washing steps is exactly as described.

    1) prime white
    2) wash with Asurmen blue, leaving most of the claws unpainted. wait till dries ...

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