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  1. It's Grots Life

    Alright, I'm kinds just burning time here while I wait for the new models to arrive. Bikes, Trukks and Shokk Attack Guns - Oh My! The holidays are over so I can start devoting a little more time to army painting. I'm starting to fill some points out with a Big Gunz unit. I figure I'll just paint up one set of crew grots with an extra grot for each, then I'll paint up a squad of 3 each (lobbas, kannons and zzap guns).

    Here's the crews all ready for their newly painted big gunz.
  2. New High elf mage kit is great to make Eldar HQs

    Looks like this blog  become more or less a weekly activity, unless I decide to start commenting on primaries (don’t fret I will not succumb to THAT temtation). I grew tired of my elders, or rather of the pressure to make a 2000 points army out of them so for the last couple of month I am trying to avoid them. Meanwhile, I fall in love with new high elfs and started to build/paint the mage on foot. However, I couldn’t resist and started converting him here and there. For example ...
  3. More Works in Progress

    Spent a couple of hours last night watching 300 and fiddling with miniatures. Didn't get a lot of painting done...worked on one of the old elves a little bit. Primed and base coated a dwarf, started prep work on an earth elemental. The earth elemental should be fun, it's a fairly large figure, with lots of flat surfaces, so it should be pretty quick to paint.
    I also worked with green stuff for the first time ever. I put some rocks on a couple of bases and tried to fill the gaps in the new/old ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  4. Derniers ajouts

    Bien le bonjour et bienvenue sur ce nouveau blog, qui va me servir plus qu'a vous....oui en effet je créer cette page pour eviter à mes amis de passer sur CMONpour voir mes figs et mes favorites.Pour Infos j'ai trois figurines en cours depuis un mois, je pense les terminer d'ici 3 semaines encore...j'ai énormement de travail et ne peut donc consacrerque trés peu de temps à mes figs en ce moment !  Thermo Guerrier Légérement convertit
    General , Figs
  5. Wood Elf army updatage

    Just a bit of a teaser, but I put in a couple of hours of work tonight for my army (well like 6 to be honest). I wanted to paint, but I mostly ended up drilling, pinning, and sculpting wood grain and feathers. Not the most fun I've had in ages (in fact I think I have a blister on my thumb from the pin vise... knurled grips suck!) but at least I got some good work done.I bulked out the Wardancer Champion's base to be fitting for a Noble... yep the cool dude perched on a tree stump with 2 swords will ...
  6. Proof!

    Proof I'm not completely inept at army painting ... just mostly inept.Perhaps more pics to come later, when I'm not rushed to leave for class :-)
  7. On trousers

    Had a busy weekend in non-painting activities, so only a little progress to update. I've been hunting down reference material and feel a bit more in tune with the Victorian theme.

    I've also made a bunch of progress on the MadPonies website redesign. Got a lot of pages updated and moved over into the new framework. It's tedious work, but I'm nearly done and I should be cutting over soonish.
  8. Hmm - been a bit.

    Sorry guys - the last few weeks have been a bit strained. I'm sitting here sore as hell after spending most of the day installing ramps for a friend.  She was in a car wreck just before Christmas, and has been in either the hospital or rehab since then.  The good news is she comes home tomorrow, and my GF can quit hauling her mother back and forth to the hospital. The bad news was that I got to spend most of today trying to figure out how to attach two ramps (one to the front ...
  9. Actually finished a regiment

    I'm feeling kind of giddy at the moment. After a marathon session of painting at Tom's house last night, I got my second regiment of Glade Guard archers painted up for that Fantasy campaign I keep talking about. I did move away from the old color scheme in some ways (the first models for the army were painted prior to the army book's release, pre-release figs is one thing I miss deeply about working outside the hobby industry) but I think they look better for it. Much less bright and vibrant and ...
  10. A blog for the new year.

    After almost a year of not painting, I finally have a month without school or other major activities ahead. I've decided to use the opportunity to catch up on my painting.I'm currently working on a batch of old Reaper/Heritage Dungeon Dwellers Elf warriors. They're a lot fiddlier than the goblins and Chaos warriors I've been practicing on lately, and I'm experimenting as I go along. Needless to say, I'll try to post pics soon.I've gone ahead and posted some pics of minis I painted in my last painting ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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