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  1. . . .man eaters on motor bikes

  2. First steps

    Hi This is what I've been working on for my Indusrtial themed table:   This is my Fuel Depot building based on GW idea.     
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  3. Whats New

    Hi thereI decided to start this blog to keep you updated about my new assignment. I'm currently been asked to create some tables for Chicago's Adepticon 2008. So I got about 5 months to come up with terrain to cover at least 5 -10 tables. So If you guys have any comments please let me know. 
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  4. vrooom!

  5. Much Paint Flung! Big Shootas - WIP

    I seemed to have gotten a bit more time to paint this weekend and took good advantage of it. The next models in my mini hopper are the Big Shoota Kommandos. I plan to use them to support shootas more than Kommandos though.

    I'm really liking the "painting on metallics" instead of the dry-brushing technique and feel that it really gives my orks much more character. I've yet to finish the hand-held ammo belt and the backpacks - that should come later this week as I have a 4-day ...
  6. Well lookee lookee

    Ok so far so good here is an update to ghazkull and the butcher. Ok i workerd on ghaz here some more fixing up the nnm skull cap im still not too happy with the spikes but i think some black lining or inking will help out..the hey tho came out great and with little cones the real problem painting the bottome of that mouth with that damn peice of armor in the will also notice that im starting the highlights of the black areas of the armor...the colors so farreflective  ...
  7. we are the hell-cats nobody likes. . .

    This project is another bunch of girls, to be sent off to the UK for the Frothers gang-fight demo at Salute '08.
    I was warned off of Westwind, and sadly it was warranted- the figures aren't that great. They are OK gaming figures, but really lacking where it counts in the details, hands, and faces. But, they fit the idiom I wanted, and they'll do for demo game.

    I'm doing them very quickly, but I hope someone will enjoy driving them around the board anyway.
  8. and the leotard makes 8

    It's finishing touches time on the last of the Gun Street Girls . . .

    And a sneakpeak at what the whole batch will look like when done:

    There is enough variety in the figures from this pack that I was thinking of maybe putting them up for sale in pairs, rather than all 8 together. I don't know if someone would want the whole gang or not. We shall see I guess. . .

  9. It all worked out fine but we had a scare.

    <p>Okay, it was brought to my attention that I haven't updated since Mr C's hearing on his disability.&nbsp; He won but we won't br seeing any of the money for it until February.&nbsp; That's cool though.&nbsp; It means as soon as we have official word of the verdict Mr C can start re-training.</p><p>The whole ting did depress him some.&nbsp; The judge asked him some questions and then officially stated the medical limitations of his issues.&nbsp; &quot;He ...
  10. Warcasters and armageddon heros

    Ok Im not much of a blogger, but im truly intrigued by the cmon at this time i have been mulling over my miniature collection....i LOVE MINI'S, BUT i have so many and nearly all of them are unpainted.I never ever have a chance to play the games associated with them and in truth i only got into the hobby to paint the suckers. Now adays im also on a tight budget and i almost never get to buy some of the new fascinating ones that are coming out now so its time to bid farewell to these little ...

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