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  1. the Girls of November

    Been another sporadic week, but I finally settled down and finished this lot this evening. That leaves me with only Ms Catsuit shown in the previous picture left to do. I guess I need to quit stalling on what color to do her togs now, and come up with something.

    I think the guns might be a touch over highlighted. I like the effect over all, but I think a bit more subdued would be nice. I like the pair of pistols alright, but I think the shotgun is a bit light.

  2. Stormboy Nob - Fini - For Now

    I said the next post would be of the finished Stormboy Nob, and it is. Along with freaking out and speeding up the end process when doing a mini, I also get apprehensive about the quality of work, second guessing if it's going to look at least as good as the last one. When it's all said and done though, I always forget it was like this the last time too.

    When I'm nearing the end of a model there's a lot of shine from things like inks, glazes, and washes that make certain (read: bad) ...
  3. Mwahahah finished with the paper of doom

    As the title stuggests, I completed my ~15 page essay today and aside from the minor nuisance of a big scary midterm on Friday I'm in the clear for a while. A very short while, but it still counts. All right back to the studying... I might sneak in a few hours of painting tomorrow, it all depends on how things go with the Clinical Psychology midterm. Hopefully this is the last update for a while where I don't have new pics to post!
  4. The chicken of doom

    It is just the final rendition of my chaos spawn. I finally got some time to sit down and process all these images I took some time ago. 
  5. Stormboy Nob - WIP - Almost There

    I found myself, as so many times in the past, rushing to finish up this mini because I want to see it fully assembled and finished. I have problems sometimes seeing the whole when I'm only working on parts.  Also so I can move on to the next thing I'm all excited for. Well, not really excited, just what I need to get done before the RTT next month, which is 3 heavy weapons boyz, three killa kans and one grot oiler.

    The Stormboy Nob is a brute of a piece now that I've glued most ...
  6. Psychology of Aesthetics... cool class, big projects

    Just thought I'd keep you guys posted about how things are going so far... I'm happy with the progress so far with my big project for Uni, but it's still gonna take up pretty much all my day off tomorrow. Shame too, I was looking forward to sneaking some painting in there.I currently have to finish up some more sketches and then do one more polished work (a portrait) for my creative project, documenting the process as I go and then doing an additional 4 pages of critical analysis of the ...
  7. For once it wasn't too bad

    <p>So, in case you read by last blog, the scheduling worked.&nbsp; We only had 1 small issue with the computer and I won that one.&nbsp; In fact, it was probably the best weekend I've had in a while.&nbsp; Still not what I'd like it to be but comfortable at least.&nbsp; </p><p>Wen's was great.&nbsp; I didn't get as much painting done as I wanted but I made a good start on a couple of things.&nbsp; Wen is always a blast to be around and we brainstormed on ...
  8. Remembrance Day

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a quick timeout from the mini painting thing and say a few quick words.Today we remember those who fought for us over the years. Regardless of political preferences, conflicting viewpoints or anything of the sort, we can't forget the thousands of people who have served and continue to serve in the armed forces.Thank you to everyone who has risked their lives to defend something they believe in, I really do appreciate the security that we have here in Canada. God ...
  9. GW closes stores in New York

    Well, we saw it coming but still it is sad. We were fortunate to have 4! stores in New York. The first one was closed about a month ago. Another one, on Upper East side will have their last day on November 18th. They will be holding farewell event there on that day, so I think those who live in NYC and play the game should visit, I am sure that they make it worth your while . As for my store (Austin street) we don't know yet when they close it but the sign that this property is available for ...
  10. Pre-emptive whining

    <p>So I'm heading into another weekend after a rather rough one last week.&nbsp; I dread weekends and the lack of a routine.&nbsp; We'll see how this one goes.&nbsp; I've tried to plan it a bit so I can have just a smidge of control this time.&nbsp; Here's what I'm planning;</p><p>Saturday.....</p><p>Up at 0630 and on the web to see what my friends in the UK are up to.&nbsp; Hi guys!&nbsp; Gotta check Cmon and the Ebay group so I can smack talk ...

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