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  1. NMM is kicking my butt

    I love the way its working so far but my god, its work intensive.  I am a slow painter anyway but dayum.  The worst part is I am looking at the models I have primed or in some form of WIP, and wow, I need to stop assembling and start painting.  I have something like 2500 (possibly more) points of black templars in various states of primage and paintage.  This of course doesnt count anything I haven't assembled yet, though they may go to my Imperial Torches chapter that goes ...
  2. Got my camera back

    Here is my attempt at tyranids. Some more or less random Zoanthrop

  3. GD LA has got me ready to paint again!

    <p>I've been having motivation issues with painting since the Total Testosterone contest but Gamesday LA has kicked me in the butt.&nbsp; I see what I need to work on and I have plenty of things to do so I off to painting land again.&nbsp; I promise no pretzel sticks this time.&nbsp; </p><p>Billy, fear me.&nbsp; Mine will kick your guys butt!</p>
  4. Ah, something accomplished -

    Well, 10 loads of laundry, 6 Ogre Bulls ready for conversion to Ogryn, 5 Ork Motorcycles, one Ork Trukk and one Buggy, 16 Orks, and 10 Karskin are all done.The minis need priming then they can go into the pile of primed materials waiting for finish at the top of my painting surface - not to mention the 900 or so other minis in various states in this room.Oh well, long as I got lead to paint, I wont die, right?
  5. Puppy Training

    I have a new puppy.  His name is Ollivander.  He pees every thirty minutes (thats a little extreme but it is often).  I am so frustrated with him.  He is cute lovable and has a great doggie personality.  He seems to be broken of taking a dump where he will, but the the pissing in the dining room is getting to me.  Nothing I do seems to work.My wife asks me if I spank him when I catch him, and I say "No, I just admonish him sternly."  Well, my wife the ...
  6. Coffee and Other Things

    Ah well, another work week done.  Got to do some cleaning before Sunday, since my folks are coming to the big city with a load of my crap thats been in storage at their place since I moved out back in '94, and I have to make room for it here cause I don't want to put it in storage only to have to pull it out again for sorting.  Especially when half of it is just crap. Just got my second cup of coffee for the day - a bit late I know, but I can always sleep in tomorrow, especially ...
  7. Welcome Message

    Greetings, one and all!  Welcome to my first blog.  This is a space generally dedicated to mini painting, but just like real life there are bound to be many detours and diversions along the way.  C'mon in and have a look around!
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. My mind is blank

    Now that I have a place to say clever and insightfull things I find my mind is a complete blank.&nbsp; Has that happened to you?
  9. For me it is but a Tuesday

    Got home from work yesterday and collapsed into bed - didn't sleep well the night before and after 10 hours of listening to people bitch about how their cell phones suck or how their service provider sucks or how we suck cause we won't just give them what they want, I was one beat puppy.  Tonight however, is a different story and I hope to get some painting done - perhaps the final touches on the Necromancer, so he's ready for basing. Got a couple of Ideas for things I want to try on the ...
  10. Interesting miniature Store

    While being temporarily banished to Albany I stumbled upon great store here. The name of the place is Zombie Planet and it is located at 1238 Central Ave. This place sells miniatures from a number of major lines GW, Epic, Gothic, D&D, Reaper Racham, privateer press and so on and so forth. What was really exciting is that they carry  a number of major paint lines under the same roof - GW, vallejo, both model and game lines; Reaper - both Pro and MAster, and Oh Joy P3!!!. This is actually ...

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