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  1. Apertura del Blog

    Por fin me atrevo abrir mi primer blog, y lo hago sobre una de las aficiones mas antiguas que tengo.

    Desde muy pequeño coleccionaba los típicos soldaditos de plástico de 20mm o escala 1/72, pero nunca se me ocurrió coger unos dados e intentar simular una batalla con esos soldaditos, a raíz de esta afición de pequeño surgió la del modelismo. Y a raíz de esta ultima surgió la de los wargames, con el primer wargame que conocí que fue, como no.. el de WHF cuarta edición ...
    Confrontation , Noticias
  2. First post.

    About 8 months ago a friend of mine asked what i was doing. Nothing execpt painting my Vampire Counts (VC) army, just to kill time - i didn't play at the time. It turned out he also played WHFB and had some minis to spare. So i began playing as well. 
     Now some 8 months later i have decided to go for a Warriors of Chaos army (WoC) after finishing my VC. Well, i'm almost done with the VC, still have 10 dead boring skeleton warriors to asemble and paint... Anyways, the WoC then. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. Going Stag

    Costochondritis is pretty much destroying my productivity of late. . . and driving me f'ing nuts. I managed to get a little work done on the stag though, and have the rider ready to go too.

  4. If this link doesn't work plz load it from my signature in the forums :)

    Having some problems with people not being about to access the blog through certain links
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Traitor Guard - 06.02.09

    Okay, so like promised (like anyone cares) I have taken some pics of my current projects and am uploading them to PhotoBucket as I'm writing this. I'm sure this Blog thing was meant so that the masses can appreciate the few people who are actually good works in progress. I feel like I'm throwing a doodle into an art museum here. Okay, so a brief run down is in order. I have been a 40k fan since I was about seven which equates to roughly 17 years in the hobby. Only problem is I only ...
  6. First Post!

    Right, this is simply a test post to see if I've figured out how to use this. It's not as simple as other blogs. AGH!Anyhow, I'm aiming to keep and update this blog with my painting and modelling shinanigans and hopefully, just hopefully, people who are actually good at it will offer some advice on what I throw up on here.
  7. The Chaos Divide 14

    Heres a fairly big update from me, i have been working on my 2nd squad of thousand sons marines. In general i am happy with them, they are painted to a table top quality, but i did find myself losing focus after a while. I think for two reasons, first was that i have been working on tsons marines for the last two months now and the quality of the models were not as good as the first squad since they were a recycled chaos marine unit from my old original army. Anyway enough of my rambling here is ...
  8. Stag's Leap

    I wasn't sure how the fur and hide pallette was going to come together, but I'm happy with how this is working out. I'm managing to find good contrasts while still keeping the overall effect very muted and staying away from highlighting to white which would be absurd here.

  9. About me and what im doing

    HelloMy name is Stuart and im from Norwich UKIve Im a full blown games workshop nut case, when i was 14 i convinced my parents to let me buy a box of hero quest and never looked back.Im a painter, gamer and converter and am always trying to improve and beat myself, every project i do always has to be bigger, more impressive, something ive never done before or just plain bonkers.  I love playing about with new stuff and techniques, rarely doing anything "like the picture" Joining ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. The Shipyard

    I do like this, the minis for Federation Commander come in nice packs that support there game well.  So far I have got Squadron Boxes 1, 2 and 3 and border box 1. Squadron box 1 which contains 5 Federation Vessels, are all painted up nowSquadron boxes 2 and 3 are cleaned assembeled and undercoated and just need me to get to work on them.Border box 1 have been cleaned ready for assembly.

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