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  1. The woolly are coming

    well the wollymammyth are coming out ok i post em on you tube you will see HOWWW CUT my figer and harts ok back to wollys like that word wolly the thing with the woollys got bild the how da and raly dont but must be dun and cover the paint jiob but mabe i mack it so i tack off and on will see going put a bolt thower its going look great cant what tell its dun but a sneek peek will may be hare to and face book that one thing havent dun my so caled gamer life well to all happy holdays ;;;;]] ...
  2. mr wwwhhhhooollly are coming

    yes all got the WHOOLY MAMYTHS that like do fore my amazons army $ 15 bucks and not bad but lits work filing in the swew hole and coveing all the semms YASH thow seems glad whas not a model i ask fore my cash back but when do all that and paint the reat yes a toy paint job got do that to now you say why 15 buck and you got two of em wel thay mack cool wolly sonds but before did enny thing i had turn the sond offf tack batarys out wish hd switch but in long run be better it whont dive me nuts ans ...
  3. I'm back.....

    I have finally finished him. I already sold it too. Here's my finished great unclean one.
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  4. off the hinge

    well got your ateshen on that think of just do it ben think how mack movement fore the monters that mack out old masks and cloth fore my booshes on halloween and think i got it i dop a T and add hands or arms with hads to the ree and put the monter heed an old macsk thats it we ben think of it if cut the tee in spots add higes some spings i think i can mack the crecher arms move but havent dun itthis witer just got do it and see the spings and higes wil work like old sreen door move back foth ...
  5. what is this

  6. Need to start somewhere... so let start with a Warboss

    So to start every self respecting ork mob need a leader, a boss to wack them and tell them whats best. I started with the Assault on black Reach ork warboss and then created some well needed upgrades for said boss. I wanted a Freeboota/Pirate theme to my army, so using a Kromlech Ork Pirate head suited this theme perfectly. With that he also needs the right image to suit my theme, so a nice trench caot made from green stuff (yea i'm not the best sculpting but hey) and with that all i need is a big ...
  7. Tha Mek Shop

    I'm strating this blog to show the progress of the ork army and the processes that is involed. The main goal is to create a true ork army and make it look like it made out of the scrap pile and bits scravaged off the battlefeild as the law tells us.

    I would like to also like to point out that i may not the best scratched builder or painter by far, but I do like my outcome that i create with this hobby and hope you guy will enjoy the jurney as well, so enjoy.

    Your comments ...
  8. I need a sculptor for hire!!

    Hi there, I wanted to know if anyone still did custom work for hire for sculpting miniatures. Actually, what I am after is a modification on a current one and here is what I am after. I want to take a Reaper miniature mousling figure, specifically the Bard in the Reaper set number 03542. I want to modify this bard figure so that his right arm is not strumming the lute, but is extending his right arm out word and giving the finger (that's right, the bird) to a large creature about ready to kill him. ...
  9. My Blog

  10. new stuff to tghink bout

    well dont even know if enny one read thisstuff or what but hare goes ben do my haloween stuff and my jaket geen jaket back paiting dont know if like it but to lat now its on ther alll i think of whas a space maren going thew a battel fild and its ok you se it on my you tube redgren09 and others thare if do a mini that i think that will get to last 5 or 6 i post hare think of doing a genstiler kaos army got all the stuff and cultes just got to do some tanks fore groop think of re doing 3 ouit 4 ...

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